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"Drink me" mug

The tea/coffee cup that tells you when the ideal temperature is reached
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A tea cup/mug/whatever with an implanted temperature sensor. The first time you have a drink, at your idiosyncratic perfect temperature, you press a little button which sets the alarm temperature. The next time you have a drink, the cup beeps or hollers at you when it's cooled enough, informing you that your beverage is at your perfect temperature. A useless thing, for sure, as most people know how long to wait, or sip painfully until it's ready, but you can bet it'd sell to the gadget set. Classic Mother's Day stuff.
Nadir, May 18 2001

Talking Vodka Bottle http://abcnews.go.c...ttlecap_010319.html
The drinking companion that holds your booze, or the container that staves off loneliness? [snarfyguy, May 18 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       A negative version of this "don't drink me" might be a possibility for recovering alcoholics...talking bottles of bourbon or other varieties of booze...or dieting folks whose ice cream scoops admonish them for bingeing (sp?).
grackle, May 20 2001

       Let me propose a modification of this idea: The "Eat Me" Fork. It works on a similar principle, in that the whole fork is temperature-sensitive. So if you poke your fork into your chicken pot pie and the fork turns bright red, you know to let some more steam escape. Many a burned tongue may be avoided through the "Eat Me" Fork.
ejs, May 21 2001

       Was PeterSealy the only one who thought this idea had something to do with "Alice in Wonderland"?
centauri, May 22 2001

       ejs: but then you'd get sued when some dullard tries to actually eat the entire fork. Another little-annotated advantage of the mug is that it's difficult to drink solid objects.
Personally, I'd rather have mine with one of those little keychain thermometers grafted into the side, perhaps with the probe extending abt. 5mm into the mug. Add a little slider and you've got my business.
nick_n_uit, May 22 2001

       I'd vote 'aye' for this if the idea was as simple as the title. A mug that says 'Drink Me' on it. I would buy it.   

       [Drink Me, kinda catchy]
[ sctld ], May 22 2001

       How about if it instead made the drinker percieve the world as being smaller than it was or larger than it was? This could be achieved through mind altering drugs in the ceramic or something. I love Wonderland.
Tain, Aug 09 2001

       I thought this was a Wonderland allusion too. Minor quibble: my preferred temperature differs for different beverages. Although I supposed you could use this to smell multiple copies.
protean, Aug 09 2001

       It would be cool to have a coffee cup that the material changed color to correspond to the temperature of the coffee. The same way a "mood ring" changes color.   

       Ok... it is light orange now, I can can drink it now.   

       Then... oh... starting to turn purple better drink up it is getting to the point where i don't like to drink it when it gets colder than that.
Leotardo Da Vinci, Dec 25 2003

       Good good, the kind of thing we've been needing. I hope the gadjet doesn't make the price go up a lot. 30 dollars ?
NeoPiter, Jul 05 2004


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