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Dockable Stay-Warm Mug

A coffee/tea mug with a corresponding dock which keeps the contents warm
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The concept is basically a mug with an electric "docking station" which keeps the contents of the mug warm (or brings it back up to temperature). Much like a perculator base, I suppose, but on a smaller scale.

The "docking station" would normally plug into your standard power outlet, thus being useful mainly when stationed an office desk. However, a built-in self-recharging battery and simple detach/attach/locking mechanism for both the power cord and the mug itself would allow the user to take their mug and temporarily attached base to meetings etc, where the now battery-powered docking station could warm the mug for the life of the battery (perhaps 1-2 hours).

Achenar, Jun 14 2005

USB Coffee Mug USB_20Coffee_20Mug
A not entirely unrelated idea [hippo, Jun 14 2005]




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