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"Lather Lounge" Shower Karaoke

"Get Wet and Wild"
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Everyone loves to sing in the shower. Why make up words for the song that you love? Read em. With the new “Lather Lounge”, you can pretend to be a musical superstar. Just put your karaoke VCD or DVD into the wall mounted “Lather Lounge Player” and watch the words pop up onto the LCD mounted above the showerhead. Thin metal wires line the glass of the screen to defrost any steam collecting from the hot water. The music comes out of two speakers built in the player. Pivoting LCD mount for singing or watching DVD movies while taking a bath. Duets would be fun.

Deluxe option has flashing lights and strobe. Background Singers sold separately.

whack_a_mole, Aug 13 2001

Priya Prakash, 25, built a prototype. http://www.thisislo...view_text_id=353531
One of a dozen of inventions presented at the RCA summer show of design and engineering, 2001. [jutta, Aug 13 2001]

Here's an update. http://www.t3.co.uk...41&subsectionid=753
Now with online connectivity. [wagster, Oct 11 2004]


       Some ideas are so good they have to be baked.   

       If it's any comfort I would love such a system, although I would burst forth with song in the bath rather than sing in the shower.
Aristotle, Aug 13 2001

       I'm waiting to order one as soon as they are available.
dhousman, Oct 11 2004

       Beautiful! Now we can have the band backing us when singing in the shower, and we can keep singers of my calibre from singing in the pub. I will contact Priya Prakash, 28, to see how she got on.
wagster, Oct 11 2004


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