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"Real" Fire Hydrants

Fire dispensers for use by emergency personnel.
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Instead of having fire hydrants which actually put out water (which to me is an oxymoron) have conviently placed metal dispensers along the sides of street which can dispense fire. They could only be opened by emergency personnel in case fire was needed. On second thought maybe these shouldn't be metal.
dgeiser13, May 05 2001

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       I have a fire dispenser in my house. I use it to boil water for my speghetti.
globaltourniquet, May 05 2001

       If you think of electricity as the essence of fire (namely, energy release) channelled into a safer, more easily controlled and more generally useful form, this is well Baked in most of the world.   

       (Well, okay, there aren't outlets for emergency personnel as far as I know, but there is certainly an electrical distribution infrastructure.)
egnor, May 05 2001

       Great visual, d.
iuvare, May 10 2001

       Make it for use by anyone, so I can fire up a bowl when my lighter conks out.
Duffi, May 10 2001

       Fire is a useful tool that many people use every day. Making it availible to emergency personnel would be a great idea. :-)
krazykartoonist, Apr 30 2002

       Reminds me of FAHRENHEIT 451 first published nearly 50 years ago
duroncrush, Feb 23 2004


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