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Putting firefighting on a more commercial basis

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In short, being a firefighter seems to be a repetitious and not particularly remunerative occupation.

1) Compulsory water tanks to be included in the building regulations, in order to provide steam pressure for the generator that runs the son et lumiere show outside. To be honest, the current flashing and lights is a bit jejeune and unlikely to draw much of a fee-paying crowd.

2) Compulsory irradiated potatoes in thick film to be included in the above fire regs, so the firemen have something to sell to the above-mentioned crowd.

3) Just for fun, thin steel plates, soldered to overhead pipes/ducting each one etched with a fortune cookie motto. As the temperatures goes up, they drop down, ranging from the helpful "Watch out for that beam" to "Four lucky dragons, the moon has risen".

4) Have a go at firefighting activity, where for a modest fee, the public can don the uniforms and dash into the building with a hose for a bit.

not_morrison_rm, Sep 16 2016


       You should look up an ancient Roman named Crassus. He started the first firefighting organization, and it was a for- profit venture. Specifically, when he learned about a fire, he and his team rushed to the scene to negotiate a fee for putting it out. The fire continued to burn during the negotiations..... Crassus eventually became the richest man in Rome, and the word "crass" exists entirely because of him.
Vernon, Sep 16 2016

       Yes, ideally the hot air rising from your house fire should be vented into hot air balloons. Tickets could be sold for aerial tours of your neighbourhood. The advantage of having a house fire combined with a hot air balloon commercial venture is that even at night, your neighbourhood will be well-lit.
hippo, Sep 16 2016

       We would like to apply for the post of firelighter.
8th of 7, Sep 16 2016

       A really bright house fire should save the local authority money on street lighting too
hippo, Sep 16 2016

not_morrison_rm, Sep 16 2016


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