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Pie-in-the-face fire alarm

Upon pulling the fire alarm, a pie is thrown in your face-but it still goes off
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When someone pulls a false alarm, it's hard to figure out who did it unless the building has cameras because the prankster usually selects a location in the building that is deserted at the time, and then flees the SOC.

So, above each fire alarm handle pull down thing, there should be a box with a spring, that launches a pie at average face level when the alarm is set off there. Then everyone will know who pulled the alarm because he'd be fleeing the SOC covered in pie! and yes, the alarm WILL still go off, in case it's a real emergency!

The box should be totally unmarked and appear to have nothing to do with the alarm, so that no potential pranksters will suspect that it's booby trapped.

Dickcheney6, Aug 24 2008


       or the pi-in-the-face fire alarm which yells out the pi sequence in a really nerdy voice until it's turned off.
po, Aug 24 2008

       What sort of a pie ? if it's a meat-and-potato pie, once word gets around, hungry people will be pulling the alarms just to get the pie....... [+]
8th of 7, Aug 24 2008

       After a few days in storage, it's gonna be a crust-and-maggot pie.
neelandan, Aug 24 2008

       Once I had heard that they have some sort of dye (like the store tags if you try to steal an item) that will show up on one's hand. This way if it was a real fire, there would be no problem if the dye was found on your hand, but on the other hand...
xandram, Aug 24 2008


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