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Public Fire

Convenient Flame on Demand
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Fire being a common neccessity, I suggest on every street corner a public eternal flame. Much like a drinking fountain - you approach - press the button and a small flame shoots out about an inch.

For those late nights stumbling out of bars with a cigarette dangling out of your mouth and you cant remember where you put that lighter - you need public fire!

Precaution is advised in the insobriated state to evade a burnt eyeball.

benfrost, Apr 03 2001


       Also handy for torching public buildings, lighting crosses, burning witches and heretics and a million other handy accidents just waiting to happen. (And how did that hypothetical cigarette get in my mouth? Bleah!)

(I wonder how long it will be before someone posts Pubic Fire as an idea.)
sirrobin, Apr 03 2001

       you can already do all those things with matches bought at a store (if thats what you're into).
benfrost, Apr 03 2001

       and will these have adjustable valves like water fountains? Ohh...just think of the mischief!
nick_n_uit, Apr 03 2001

       Baked, or burned, a hundred years ago. Used to be constantly running lighters at outside store counters for the convienence of the customers when purchasing stogies.
StarChaser, Apr 03 2001

       But do people want fire which be fitted nasally? (Over to you, PeterSealy, for the origin of that).
angel, Apr 23 2001

       Ooh, ooh, please sir! I know the answer!
hippo, Apr 23 2001

       And what about this "wheel" thingy? Seems terribly fascinating. How about public wheels?   

       I wonder what color it should be.   

       (I'm sorry I really couldn't resist. I went into a trance state.)
centauri, May 10 2001

       not forgetting pubic wheels
gravelpit, May 16 2001

       and free public photocopiers on every corner.
benfrost, May 17 2001

       Anyone who really want to make fire can do so the same way a caveman did - couple of bits of flint, or some stick will do the trick - suggest you buy the Collins Gem SAS Survival Guide. (Should be available from Amazon)
CasaLoco, May 17 2001

       I refuse to stand on a busy street corner, surrounded by businessmen going to work, trying to make a spark with flint and steel. It is totally beneath my dignity, regardless of what the SAS recommends.   

       Why don't they just put the public fire NEXT TO the public water fountain, so that if anything catches fire by mistake, there's a handy source of water to put it out with? No, that would make too much sense. . . .
deacon, May 26 2001


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