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"Secret" booze buckle

A belt buckle flask but not so obvious
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See link first off. Imagine the same thing but invert the flask and modify it sufficently so that it isn't so flask like. Cuts down on the novelty but the trade off is keeping your alcoholism a secret.
redsimple, Jan 27 2006

(?) obvious flaskbuckle http://coolstuff4u....1?META=froogle-3131
Belt buckle flask - Cool, but oh so obvious. [redsimple, Jan 27 2006]

flasks http://coolstuff4u....log=&keywords=flask
results for search on flasks from site [redsimple, Jan 28 2006]

Binocular and Cell Phone flasks http://www.prankplace.com/binoculars.htm
discrete drinking devices [Cube, Jan 28 2006]

(?) Disguise Belt Buckle Flask and Cell Phone Flasks http://www.cellphon...-flask-novelty.html
Belt Buckle Flask http://www.cellphoneflasks.com/belt-buckle-flask-novelty.html [dhernand76, Dec 22 2007]


       I'll just barely grant yours is a unique idea. But it's such an obvious extension. [+-]
5th Earth, Jan 28 2006

       well thats better than getting boned without regard. I suppose it might take wearing such a ridiculous item as this belt buckle to really see the need for a less conspicuous way to smuggle alcohol in plain sight.
redsimple, Jan 28 2006

       I have a two sided 16oz flask disguised as binoculars <link> that I regularly use to sneak my booze into rock concerts. How much hooch will your belt hold?
Cube, Jan 28 2006

       Nice [Cube], your link is my new favorite website.
MikeOxbig, Jan 28 2006

       Understand one thing here- Its only alcoholism when you attend those meetings (which aren't exactly secret). Otherwise its drunkeness.
Jscotty, Jan 28 2006

       Cube - Belt flask only holds 2 oz...I envision the Secret boozebuckle to stash a bit more.
redsimple, Jan 28 2006


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