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"Take a Number" Back Roll

Back-mounted roll of numbers
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Often in the workplace a situation arises where the person you would like to speak with is busy with a seperate conversation. Often this person is not facing you, either having visited someone in a cubicle or while standing in someone's doorway. In such situations it would be rude to interrupt the conversation to let this person know you want to talk with them, so you either have to wait around or walk away with the intent of finding them later.

With the "Take a Number" Back Roll, you no longer have to interrupt your co-workers. Just, well, take a number from their back-mounted roll and continue on your way. When this person is finished with their conversation they are bound by office etiquette to wander the office saying "Number 37" until you are found. Other conversations started before #37 is found will be considered inappropriate line-cutting.

Worldgineer, Dec 12 2005

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       We could use this here...
normzone, Dec 12 2005

       Of course, there will be a chest-mounted digital sign with the number displayed. This will be mounted upside-down for ease of reference.
Worldgineer, Dec 13 2005

       Of course, there will be the inevitable electronic version, where someone just pings your pager and it goes in a queue.
normzone, Dec 13 2005

       I was counting on you, but I see your number's up (sorry) +
xenzag, Dec 13 2005


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