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"Update this bookmark" button

Update bookmarks to current.
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I read several online comic strips. Sometimes I don't read them for two or three weeks at a time. I keep track of them by bookmarking the one before the one I just read. <Rightclick on 'Previous', copy shortcut, find the bookmark in the list, rightclick the bookmark, paste into the URL field in the bookmark>

What would be nice is a feature to allow one to click a single button and update the bookmark that way. 'Update to yesterday' or even if it was today, that'd be fine.

Example to alleviate Waugsqueke's confusion: I read Sluggy Freelance <Worship the Comic!>. I last read it on 2/2/02. I read them up to today's date, 3/11/02. Now I want to bookmark yesterday's comic <In large part because today's comic is the raw URL, with no date attached, and will take one to the main page, not the last read. Which is the other reason, that I'd forgotten, Jutta.>

What I want is one button, or one rightclick option, rather than the five steps listed above, to change the bookmark to the URL of the current page, without having to create another bookmark, rename it, delete the original and move the new one to where the original one was. They are not dynamic URLs, the link to 11Mar02's comic will always take one to 11Mar02. The raw link, of www.sluggy.com, takes one to the site's main page, and the comic for that particular day. While the title idea is a good one, and one I hadn't thought of, the titles are always the same for the pages. The name, and copyright year. I read 15 different comic strips, plus a couple of other sites that I want to mark the last-read on, so it would come up often enough for me to want to do it.

Best would be a button in the toolbar that would find and update the link all by itself without having to be told which link, but that might be difficult. <Would be possible for one bookmark, I'm pretty sure, but otherwise you might need a button for each, which would be Way Too Many.>

StarChaser, Mar 10 2002

XML Spy http://www.nanonull.com/
Browser plug-in. If I read correctly, you can scan sites; create/append children and store active content inside your browser. ?Do you have to press the "update" button every day? [reensure, Mar 11 2002]

watch.arrr.net http://watch.arrr.net/
A friend of mine coded this to check on web journals. [bookworm, Jun 24 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


bristolz, Mar 10 2002

       I have no idea what would be required. All I do is either synchronize or pop open the history folder and find older pages under past day folders.
reensure, Mar 10 2002


       Like I said, I sometimes don't read them for weeks at a time, to let new ones build up so I can kill more than ten seconds per comic, or because occasionally I have something else to do.   

       I'm on a LAN, so I don't synchronize, and the history thing has proven itself less than useful in the past, remembering every single page that produced a popup window, but not remembering the one page I actually -wanted- to see...
StarChaser, Mar 10 2002

       +1 croissant
po, Mar 10 2002

       You could have a variation of that one could call "sticky bookmarks". Whenver you use a sticky bookmark to go to a site, the bookmark changes to the last page of that site you looked at before you went somewhere else. No buttons involved. (Of course, a site could already make itself sticky by updating a cookie.)   

       Why do you bookmark the day before? Why not today?
jutta, Mar 10 2002

       I like the 'sticky bookmark' thing, Jutta. I bookmark the day before because if it's an ongoing story, a bit of reminder of what went before three weeks ago is nice.   

       [Deleted PeterSealy's comment as irrelevant; this is not about email.]
StarChaser, Mar 10 2002

       I was thinking of the same cookie method as jutta mentioned.   

       Beyond that, I'm not quite understanding what it is you're trying to accomplish here. I _think_ you might mean something like this:   

       The actual URL of a particular page has changed since you last visited it. So you go to the new version of the page (by either typing in the new URL, or clicking to it from an already existant link), and, once there, you click your "Update This Bookmark" button, which then locates that bookmark/favorite in your list by matching the page's <title> to that listed in your marks, and then replaces the old URL with the new one.   

       Is this what you mean? If so, it would have limited functionality (how often would this happen? often enough to be worthy of a browser function?), and be dependent on whether the page author maintained the original page title when changing the URL.   

       If this isn't it, I have no idea what you mean.   

       If you're talking about dynamic URLS, I don't see how this would be possible.
waugsqueke, Mar 11 2002

       SC: "+" means I voted croissant-wise as opposed to the "-" fish-wise way.
bristolz, Mar 14 2002

       Turns out that Firefox has an extension to do just this. Not a button, but rightclick the bookmark and choose 'Current > URL' and poof, it's updated.
StarChaser, Jul 23 2006


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