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"Watch Out For Adults" signs

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WATCH OUT FOR CHILDREN? I say its adults who drivers need to watch out for while driving. In my neighborhood anarchy rules: double parking, late night jaywalking in dark clothes, U-turning, and everything else goes. In places like this, for the benefit of those from outside the neighborhood who might think that 25 mph is a safe speed to drive, WATCH OUT FOR ADULTS signs ought to be posted.
Egdod, Sep 11 2002

Jul 14 2002 http://www.geocitie...afe/7423/farts.html
Same sentiment. [jutta, Sep 12 2002]


       This is presumed. You should be doing this anyway. No sign is necessary.
waugsqueke, Sep 11 2002

       "Survival of the fittest". Those that get mown down reduce their chances to breed. Darwinism at its best. Eventually, the unfit will be eliminated from the gene pool. If they have already bred, chances are that (left unsupervised) their kids will get mown down too.   

       No action necessary. We have already eliminated too many evolutionary pressures from our society.
8th of 7, Sep 12 2002


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