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"Waterbombing Helicopter" Dinner Delivery

Remotely controlled dinner delivery
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Small helicopters to deliver everything needed for your meal to the table, precision-bombed to your plate.

Haircuts optional.

UnaBubba, Jan 15 2013


       Teeny little Erickson skycranes, loaded with bread rolls.
UnaBubba, Jan 16 2013

       I better liked the idea when I thought a water bomber was going to deliver my dinner.
Brian the Painter, Jan 16 2013

       If you want 23,000 litres of "dinner" delivered all at once then it can be arranged, [Brian].
UnaBubba, Jan 16 2013

       Like a fish smorgasbord or bouillabaisse
Brian the Painter, Jan 16 2013

       It's all good fun until one of them flies into a candlestick in the fog.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 16 2013

       That's low, [Max]. Too low, I'd suggest.
UnaBubba, Jan 16 2013


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