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"Will You Be My Valentine?" spam

Spam as a positive force - a little bit of mystery love for everyone.
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All those porn ads and junk mail that clog your inbox. How about one of the mailout companies giving something back and doing a random mailout on February 14th of phrases such as....

um, noticed your glance the other day - think you're sweet, will you be my valentine?

been thinking about you, thanks for caring, will you etc

you must have realised by now - just say the word, will you etc

The sender could just be a letter or a blank. Could bring a bit of light to everyone's day - and possibly cause a bit of chaos too - what fun.

notripe, Feb 13 2002


       This wuld actually cause great nervousness among everyone who remembers the ILOVEYOU virus. Fishbone.
hello_c, Feb 14 2002

       I'd rather have a personal note from someone I know that carries real sentiment. Else, I would rather not waste the energy reading it.
bristolz, Feb 14 2002

       the point is bristolz, is that you wouldn't know if there was real sentiment involved or not. Even if cynical old you thought you did, they'd still be a lovely grain of mystery and uncertainty (unless of course you don't mix with people generally which is entirely possible)   

       and hello_c, it's a subject/message with no attachment so you'll see it immediately it arrived with nothing further to do. God, are there nothing but cynical techies on this site?
notripe, Feb 14 2002

       Baked - CrushLink.
bookworm, Feb 14 2002

       Thanks for the personal insult, notripe. This is the last anno I will make on one of your ideas, ever. Clearly, I don't mix well with you.
bristolz, Feb 14 2002

       thanks for the personal note that carries real sentiment Bz
notripe, Feb 14 2002

       notripe: bad idea, and a bad attitude, this one deserves my first ever fishbone of an idea.
kaz, Feb 14 2002

       Positive spam. If that's not a WIBNI I don't know what is.   

       What's the point of getting a love note from what boils down to being a computer? I very much doubt you'll be compatible.   

       Fishbone for bad idea. Extra fishbone with real sentiment for lack of apology to bris.
CoolerKing, Feb 14 2002

       [notripe] You could bring a bit of light to everyone's day. You could go away and stop making personal insults toward people whom you don't even know.
goff, Feb 14 2002

       I'd have to say baked. Over the past week I've got a number of emails with subject lines like "Be My Valentine" that turn out to be from such sweethearts as British Telecom.   

       Let's play the "guess how many valentines notripe will get" game.
pottedstu, Feb 14 2002

       What [CoolerKing] said last.
angel, Feb 14 2002

       I very much feel you owe bris an apology, notripe, but I suspect if you write it here, she'll likely never revisit the idea to see it. I'd strongly recommend you take that chance, nonetheless.   

       And this idea is devoid of feeling. Personal notes that carry real sentiment are what it's all about. Speaking of...
waugsqueke, Feb 14 2002

       How random is it if a mailout company has my addy?
reensure, Feb 14 2002

       Baked, trollboy.
StarChaser, Feb 14 2002

       Bristolz, you really shouldn't take it so personally you know, <<sings in choirboy voice>> its only a website...   

       The rest of you - soooooo negative.....and there was I thinking such a random approach might actually spur someone, somewhere into acting on a crush when they otherwise might not have taken the plunge. Maybe if I'd just called it "Love Catalyst" instead....
notripe, Feb 16 2002

       A glance at the subject header of the mail would be enough for most people to delete it unread, I would think.
snarfyguy, Feb 16 2002

       notripe... and you are an ignorant ass who feels it's okay to insult people because "it's only a web site"...   

       Don't take it personally.
waugsqueke, Feb 20 2002

       you know I've always loved you Waugs.
notripe, Feb 20 2002

       Bliss, I called your rejection line and they told me to get lost. Is that like a double negative?   

       I'm consoling myself with the thought that I have more legs than your average fellow.
notripe, Feb 20 2002

       Why thank you, how sweet. I didn't mind the link though so no promises I'm afraid.
notripe, Feb 21 2002

       yeah, this is baked. i got at least one of these. it wasn't an ad for anything that i could see, which would at worst make it a very bad advertisement. it didn't do much for me, but i'm not all that sentimental, so don't judge it based on my reaction.
efarns, Feb 21 2002

       Darling, I love you and cannot live without you. Marry me or I will kill myself.   

       (signed), Occupant   

       (That Was The Year That Was, Tom Lehrer, 1965)
Chance, Mar 02 2002

"Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ....
That which brings the highest happiness!!"
zen_tom, Jul 27 2005

       I like this [notripe] more and more. Thanks for tipping me off about his skills, [po]. Unsinkable! Indomitable. And all about love and fairness.
bungston, Jul 27 2005


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