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"You're Blinding Me" Reflective Bumper Sticker

Strategically placed near the back roof of the car, displaying only to followers with high beams on.
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Why is it that every time I am stuck in my lane for an hour, it's in front of Jack Ass who either has his high beams on full blast, Dick Wad who has one of his regular headlamps tilted up too high, or Soccer Mom who drives a monstrosity with headlights that blind me no matter what setting they are on? My guess is that they are not thinking about how their lights are hindering the driving abilities of others on the road.

I designed this bumper sticker to be affixed to the back of the car, either at the top of the back windshield, or just above the back windshield, on the roof. The sticker is made with reflective letters that normally don't have enough contrast to show up and be legible. As soon as one of the drivers mentioned above pulls in behind me and throws their lights directly onto the thing, the driver should be able to read a very bright message, informing him or her that I am having difficulty driving because of the blinding light coming in behind me.

It is important that this reflective material only shine when direct light is hitting it, and that it is legible to the driver causing it.

Another one might be placed above the front windshield area to inform oncoming traffic of their stupidity as well.

XSarenkaX, Mar 03 2007

380 Reflective Tape http://www.can-dota.../tech-data-380.html
No idea how much this stuff costs, though. [jutta, Mar 03 2007]

Not quite nickel plating http://www.pennyvette.com/
I'm not sure if this is what [nuclear hobo] is referring to, but it's close enough. [Hunter79764, Mar 04 2007]

Light mirror Blinded_20by_20the_20lights
I read through about a dozen of variations on the "dazzle them back" ideas about 6 months ago, but now this is the only one I can find. [TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 04 2007]

Chrome Paint http://www.anvari.o...l_Chrome_Paint.html
[nuclear hobo, Mar 04 2007]

AntiBrights AntiBrights
Headlight Reflector System [nuclear hobo, Mar 04 2007]

Retroreflector http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Retroreflector
This is the type of material you are looking for... [FishFinger, Mar 06 2007]

3M Retroreflective materials http://www3.3m.com/...Handler/output_html
And here is where you can buy it. [FishFinger, Mar 06 2007]


       Pure genius! Does anyone know how feasible this is? Which materials have a very low reflexive angle?
placid_turmoil, Mar 03 2007

       I think it might be difficult to make the angle work for all situations, but I like the idea [+].   

       Maybe some kind of reflector-cube array (I mean the things that bounce light back the way it came) would work?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 03 2007

       Cat's eyes would do the trick. Failing that, some clear, transparent marbles glued to your bumper might be enough.
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 03 2007

       I just slow down to a speed commensurate with my current visibility, usually about 15 or 20 mph. Eventually, they pass me.   

       I've been thinking about covering the entire back of my vehicle with similar reflective material, just for added visibility.
wyrm, Mar 03 2007

       //some clear, transparent marbles// Doubly effective, then?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 03 2007

       I suppose I meant colourless and transparent. Damn jet-lag.
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 04 2007

       //I've been thinking about covering the entire back of my vehicle with similar reflective material, just for added visibility.//   

       I've been thinking about nickel plating mine.
nuclear hobo, Mar 04 2007

       This might be cheaper than nickel plating... link
Hunter79764, Mar 04 2007

       Chrome paint would work, too. (link)
nuclear hobo, Mar 04 2007

       Install a James Bond style license plate rotator and put your message on one of the panels.
Canuck, Mar 04 2007

       Yes, yes, yes, yes! I drive quite a low car and the number of times I take it in the eyes - so to speak - from oncoming traffic is ridiculous. Worst are the twats running halogen headlights - newsflash fools: you are not Colin fucking McCray you are some jobsworth twit on a 7 mile commute who most certainly does not need headlights that are visible from space. Big [+].

Is there any way to incorporate a gun to shoot out the offending lights if they're not dimmed within a specified period?
DocBrown, Mar 04 2007

       //Is there any way to incorporate a gun to shoot out the offending lights if they're not dimmed within a specified period?//   

       Return fire with reflected light: AntiBrights. See link.
nuclear hobo, Mar 04 2007

       It is my humble observation that all cars manufactured after 2003 have ludicrously bright headlights. I recently drove a rental car with headlights that illuminated the entire county even when dipped. I felt like such a tool whenever there was oncoming traffic.
Texticle, Mar 04 2007

       Howzabout an,
................. [IF YOU CAN READ THIS]
bumper sticker?


       Only if on a sticker that fluoresces brightly under high beams but is otherwise invisible.
nuclear hobo, Mar 04 2007

       Yay! + for the idea, + seeing you here ;-)
blissmiss, Mar 04 2007

       Brava! +
csea, Mar 05 2007

       Is this the real XSarenkaX, and not the weird XSeronkaX or whatever the impostor's name was who showed up one time (poor thing, we hoped so much it was Sarenka but it wasn't - we must have driven that person nuts)   

       So happy to see you here again!
phundug, Mar 05 2007

       What's this about an imposter!??! I'm the real deal, as you can easily tell by checking my profile.   

       ...and I'm so glad everyone is enjoying my latest halfbaked idea. :)
XSarenkaX, Mar 05 2007


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