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'Comb' Sunglasses

Sunglasses held by combs, rather than arms
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Instead of having those bent bits at the ends of the arms, these glasses would split into several small 'teeth' about 1-3 inches long (different lengths available). This takes pressure off the ears, something which always annoys me (because I buy cheap glasses) and instead spreads it through the hair at the temples. This is less extreme than my other idea for sunglasses, but leaves the problem of arms being easily damaged.
inc_b, Oct 19 2003

Pinz Nez Glasses http://www.magicmak...lasses/pinznez.html
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       And precisely how should I attach these combs...?
DrCurry, Oct 19 2003

       [DrC], perhaps [inc_b] will provide you with a pair of "female" comb-plugs.   

       If not, you could use cyanoacrylate.
Tiger Lily, Oct 19 2003

       Suction cups? Or have a look at my Pierced Sunglasses idea - not for everyone...
inc_b, Oct 19 2003

       This is really a first rate idea.
bungston, Nov 28 2007


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