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'Road marking' carpet tiles

Lane boundaries, 'Yield' lines etc. - all printed on carpet tiles
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For those busy office corridors lay 'Road Markings' carpet tiles - divide the corridor up into neat lanes, put 'Give Way' or 'Yield' lines where coridors join bigger corridors, solid/dashed central lines to indicate no overtaking where a corridor goes around a corner, etc., etc.
hippo, Jul 10 2001


       Baked (at Shell Tullos Phase V office building, Aberdeen). Perhaps at others too. Sorted out the age-old problem of crashing into person carrying coffee. A plan rigidly followed, and it works.
lewisgirl, Jul 10 2001

       Well I'm flabbergasted, lewisgirl. Never heard of such a thing in the backwoods of Oregon. Cool, though.
Dog Ed, Jul 10 2001

       Baked in my office. Mid-blue carpeting with footways marked in pale blue, grey lines treated as 'give way'. Aisle behind Lucy's desk is 'no access to kitchen'.
angel, Jul 10 2001


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