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'Wash Me' DVD Return Slot

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A separate slot to deposit DVD rentals into that would indicate to the store that there was some problems with the DVD either due to smudges or scratches.
blahginger, Feb 18 2003

True Porn Clerk Stories http://www.improvisation.ws/mb/tpcs.html
I am guessing the author would fishbone this idea... [dbsousa, Oct 04 2004]

Acts of Gord: Love the Gord; Fear the Gord http://www.actsofgord.com
The life of Gord, the owner of a video game store. [supercat, Oct 04 2004]


       [Picturing blahginger using DVD rentals as plates for Chinese take-out.]
DrCurry, Feb 18 2003

       From the "True Porn Clerk Stories" link: //A lot of porn movies do ape titles - "David Cop-a-Feel" was my all-time favorite - but not as many as you'd think.// We know what you've been watching, blissmiss.
Worldgineer, Feb 20 2003

       Hey! This is a really good idea! How'd it slip under my radar?
phoenix, Apr 10 2003

       Worldgineer - i keep hearing about "Sperms of Endearment" and "Shaving Ryan's Privates", are these real?
greennightmonkey, Apr 10 2003

       I'm on the lookout for My Big Fat Greek Orgy.
Maestro, May 11 2003

       Reminds me of www.actsofgord.com, though that's a video-game store.
supercat, May 11 2003

       If you take the DVD into the store, and complain about the dirt (or scratches), you should get a free rental.   

       My local Bloccy B's does this...
MikeOliver, May 12 2003

       Great idea !   

       I usually check the DVD as I'm renting just to verify it looks playable. If not, I ask for another. Nothing worse than getting 3/4 through a movie (after the vid store is closed) and not being able to see the ending.   

       BRAVO !
mahatma, May 12 2003

       //Nothing worse than getting 3/4 through a movie//
What about getting 7/8 through a movie and being able to see the ending?
silverstormer, May 12 2003

       sousa, Thanks for finding that link so I could waste 4 hours of work today.
goober, May 12 2003

       I'm sure if you stuck a note inside the DVD case, it would catch their attention.   

       Netflix sleeves have a "DVD is unplayable" checkbox on them.
waugsqueke, May 12 2003


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