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“What won’t get me fired” AI or software

Software figures out how you can modify and improve your job with less anxiety and risk.
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“What won’t get me fired” AI or software advises employees on their behavioral and content latitude; this could be combined with a “Work well, an employee tutor AI”.

An ethically concerned person that wants to benefit others might explore: ”Can you outsource the entire company, or just your job, to bring voluntary employment to people poorer than you?”

Or, the software notes your manager is an Myers Briggs ESTJ, thus they are less likely to be concerned/terminate you as long as you make production targets, while an ESFJ manager might cause employment destabilization if you do not socialize extensively.

The software could listen to all your co-workers utterances and video their body language to fit them to something like the MBTI personality test, but a new one with better science-of-psychology validation.

The employee using the software gets to use their software-advised wiggle-room to improve their quality of life. Software says: “Ask ESTJ about telecommuting; when you meet goals satisfaction is high and sustainable”

beanangel, Jan 23 2019

The tale of Bob the modern day Bartleby https://www.theguar...mployee-outsourcing
"Bob's story shows that the line for an employee is drawn precisely where you begin exploiting the company rather than the company exploiting you." [zen_tom, Jan 24 2019]

Humu https://humu.com/
If I knew what exactly they're doing, I'd write that here. But I really don't; the specific examples seem rather ... underwhelming, and of three roles they're hiring for one is an adjective. [jutta, Jan 25 2019]

" That which does not kill me ... " http://schlockmerce...fective_Mercenaries
[normzone, Jan 28 2019]

Manager's Briggs https://dilbert.com...rs-briggs+expletive
[bhumphrys, Jan 29 2019]


       I'm at the age now where I no longer give a flying fig what others think, and just follow my own natural jig. If I get fired, so be it. If I get to stay, well that's ok too. Jobs can be found, being homeless twice in my life didn't kill me, (and no, it didn't make me stronger either), life goes on.   

       What I'm trying to say is this; Listen to your inner critic, the one that knows when you are being authentic and your true self. Don't listen to anyone else. And do your very best everyday day, don't cheat, steal or lie, and all will be fine until you die. End of story. beanie.   

       P.S. All employees should be mandated to have their Enneagram done, and then share with boss so that they can figure out the best way to work with each others style.
blissmiss, Jan 24 2019

       [Ian] It might cause management software to be developed as a response. "Ian is meeting all his goals but never goes to meetings, that means our organization is less fit because other people do not get live opportunities to mentor from Awesome Ian". Oh talented software, incentivize Ian to go to meetings!   

       One can prefer that the management's software improves quality of life while improving productivity. Preferring is nifty, but this is a technology site so I have to think of a beneficial management response software...
beanangel, Jan 24 2019

       //the MBTI personality test, but a new one with better science-of-psychology validation// - I think instead of "better", "some" would be a more appropriate word.
hippo, Jan 24 2019

       // of three roles they're hiring for one is an adjective //   

       And nobody at the company seems to be in any of those tw o-pl us-what ever-yo u-wa nt-t o-d o roles. Instead, they have one CEO, 8 "People Science", 14 "Product", two "Product & Privacy", and 16 "Love" employees. Yes, this company has more employees with the job title "Love" than with any other single title!
notexactly, Jan 26 2019

       //The software could listen to all your co-workers utterances and video their body language// I'm pretty sure that will get you fired, [beany].   

       <pencils in "Job" directly under "Woman" and "Grammar lessons" on his list>
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2019

       Hi [blissmiss] - " That which does not kill you has made a tactical error ". From " The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries " - please see link.
normzone, Jan 28 2019

       In the case of the mediaeval rack, what didn't kill you made you longer.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 28 2019


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