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£50k+ Hasselblad Mouse Trap

the world's best and most expensive mouse trap
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Hasselblad make the world's most expensive cameras, and now they have decided to expand their product range by converting some of these optical wonders into mousetraps. Even the ultra rich have mice, and Hasselblad have identified a new lucrative market for £50k+ mouse trap cameras.

The conversion process is quite simple: with the glass elements removed, the lenses become welcoming tunnels for curious mice to enter, attracted by the smell of food contained in the camera body.

Once inside, the foolish mouse triggers the sensor releasing the mechanical high speed aperture shutter which snaps shut in 2000th of a second.

The mouse is now harmlessly confined within the luxurious body of the world's most expensive camera, ready for release via the film loader rear hatch.

xenzag, Mar 06 2023

Hasselblad Cameras https://www.hasselblad.com/
now able to capture actual mice as well as taking their pics [xenzag, Mar 06 2023]

not quite the same Kestrel_20Snax
[normzone, Mar 20 2023]

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       Are these based on the H system, or are they introducing a new M system? The may want to offer different custom backs for different critter types.   

       And maybe large format models for squirrels, chipmunks, and other furry types.
a1, Mar 06 2023

       If the shutter were made from sharp stainless steel and triggered an instant sooner you could make chutney.
whatrock, Mar 06 2023

       The mouse is safe. Everything with Hasselblad is about ultra precision. Not even the last hair on the mouse's tail will be touched when the aperture snaps shut.
xenzag, Mar 06 2023

       If there were food involved the foolish mouse might indeed become your lifetime pet, to catch and feed and put safely outside so it can gain reentry to your domicile and repeat the process.
whatrock, Mar 06 2023

       I'm not interested in cheap budget gear. What is this, Bargain Madness or something? Even for the servant quarters this just seems pointlessly penny-pinching.
pocmloc, Mar 06 2023

       Don't forget the Leica mousetrap, equally expensive, but marketed more for street applications than the more studio-usage intentions of the Hasselblad setup. From memory, the Leica features a "cheese-finder" device where the mouse is transfixed by twin images of cheese that they have to super-impose on top of one another at which point boom, they've won a Pulitzer.
zen_tom, Mar 06 2023

       Leicas are too small and lack the gravitas of a Hasselblad. They might be able to offer a roach motel, but Hasselblad have cornered the luxury mouse capture market.
xenzag, Mar 06 2023


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