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air conditioning for everyone!

less effective but much more cheaper airconditioner.
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people produce car freezers, even car deep freezer which work by 12v. why dont they produce a modified version of it, which is connected to the ordinary fan system of the car? when you turn the freezer on, it is a kind of air conditioner, cools the air coming inside. sure it will not work as efficient as the system being used; but: - much more cheaper (100-200$ instead of 1500-200$s) -fits every car -easy to mount - and even demount anytime and use as a portable airconditioner (e.g. in a tent) =P
13timesaday, May 07 2003


       nice idea. What do we do with the heat the portable system generates ?   

mahatma, May 07 2003

       Not entirely sure how cooling your car's trunk is going to help with the temperature in the main cabin. Also, freezers work by chilling a very small volume of air that doesn't get disturbed very much. Air conditioners are designed to provide very large quantities of chilled fresh air. If you left the fridge door open all the time, I imagine it wouldn't come close to the efficiency of an air conditioner.
DrCurry, May 07 2003

       mah's point is not trivial. A refrigerator is just a heat pump - it takes heat from inside and pumps it outside the refrigerator - that's inside your car. The end result would be adding heat to your car (because entropy can never go down in a closed system).
Worldgineer, May 07 2003

       Yes, and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't put me in the humidifier again.
thumbwax, May 08 2003


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