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A more enjoyable drive to work
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She kissed Mike at the door and handed him his briefcase. "See you at six" Mike said, "Don't forget we're meeting the Reynolds tonight".

Mike pulled down his facemask and walked down the sunny drive to his Land Cruiser. Jumping up the ladder and on to the roof in one agile movement he went to the front and opened the sunroof. Dangling his legs into the cool water he adjusted the neoprene around his wrists and put the regulator into his mouth before sliding down into the car.

Inside the vehicle he was greeted by the calm blue of his underwater world. A school of Tetras darted over his shoulder and into the back seat, a couple of them breaking away to hide behind the coral on the back shelf. A Catfish lurked down in the footwell hoping for some food to come floating his way, the oxygenator bubbles caught the glint of the sun as they crawled up the inside of the windscreen. Mike shooed an Angelfish away from the ignition while his other hand fumbled for his keys. Soon the jeep roared into life causing a flurry of excitement amongst the fish and crabs. A click into gear and out into the road - Mike was on his way to work.

wagster, Jul 22 2004

Animatronic dolphins in a convertible Car Pool http://www.nickgood...m/commercials3.html
See first 2 photos [csea, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Objects In The Mirror Objects_20In_20Wind...han_20They_20Appear
[theircompetitor, Oct 07 2011]


       Cool. Ignoring the increased mass and increased stopping distance, it might be billed as a safety feature. It seems like it might do a fair job of reducing the secondary collision in an accident. Sure, you might be more likely to drown, but the scene wouldn't be as messy.
half, Jul 22 2004

       Scuba Utility Vehicle.
phoenix, Jul 22 2004

po, Jul 22 2004

wagster, Jul 22 2004

       If you're going to maintain a population of finny passengers, climate control is going to become more sophisticated.   

       " I'm hot "   

       " You should have worn your other wetsuit.....I can't turn it down any more or the garabaldi will die "   

       This is also going to play hell with the whole " My hair looks a mess " issue.
normzone, Jul 22 2004

       Diving in the correct wetsuit in tropical waters is usually a very pleasant temperature. The water temperature control system will be big and power hungry given that it is essentially an external fishtank that can be driven from Alaska to Panama. Lovely way to drive it though. [normzone] - Not for people who panic at bad hair days.
wagster, Jul 22 2004

       We also would have accepted "Reynoldses."
yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 22 2004

       (remembers dad's navy underwater demolitions stories) I guess if there was a shockwave, it would be quite an issue. I was just thinking of the deceleration aspect; like a hydraulic shock absorber. I assumed the water, having great mass, would resist stopping as the vehicle occupant would. If there was a relief valve (e.g. blown out windshield) or vertical tube or something that allowed the water to escape or continue moving forward at a somewhat controlled rate thereby decelerating you in a more controlled manner, being not easily compressible would be a benefit. You wouldn't bounce off the dashboard or steering wheel in a secondary collision.   

       So, even if a shockwave did kill you, you'd probably still be pretty on the outside.
half, Jul 22 2004

       Yes [Tabs] there's no doubt there are safety issues, not to mention cornering issues! I was hoping that a few 'concept' buns would overcome the 'practicality' bones, so let yourself go and bun it!
wagster, Jul 22 2004

       I'm going on concept... soggy, soggy bread for you. [+]
zigness, Jul 22 2004

       Me too. Nice one, wags.
lostdog, Jul 22 2004

       just wondering about a convertable version. Then you could snorkle, or at least stick your head out once in a while.
elfling, Jul 22 2004

       this begs the question:   

       Does one need PADI or NAUI certification in addition to a drivers license?
elfling, Jul 22 2004

       Old joke:   

       Q: When is a car full of water?   

       A: When it's a CARPOOL !!!   

       (then there's the one about car-pool-tunnel syndrome, but I've forgotten how it goes... ;)
csea, Jul 22 2004

       Yes, it is impractical. But it is also well and truly halfbaked. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Jul 22 2004

       The blood would wash away easy in an accident (that is the only good point I could think of)
tasman, Jul 23 2004

       Big buns. Not convinced about the shock transfer argument because of the enclosed space - i.e. as Tabs says, water is incompressible, so as long as water can't leak out pressure from behind will equalise pressure from impact in front - or in other words, if you squish the car, whilst the pressure inside would go up, it would be pretty unidirectional, and therefore same as diving to deep water (although the abruptness might be a problem).

       I suppose you have a nodding dogfish on the dash?
goff, Jul 23 2004

       [krelnik] - I looked for this one but couldn't find it. Please link if it's been done. [goff] - I think you're right about the shock thing. Stopping abrupty would shake stuff up a bit, but not cause a shockwave. Unfortunately though, cars tend to compress in an accident which would probably be fatal if the car was sealed. If you left the roof open, hopefully the water would surge out of the top before the pressure built up too much. The water should then obviate the need for a seatbelt.
wagster, Jul 23 2004

       Oh, I meant "it is halfbaked" as a compliment: i.e. your idea is appropriate for this site.
krelnik, Jul 23 2004

       Ahh... as opposed to 'baked'. I appear to be a little slow on the uptake today!
wagster, Jul 23 2004

       Love it, love it, love it, love it! Have a bun, hell have lots of them +++++   

       In an impact all items would accelerate forward relative to the vehicle, but an equal volume of water has to be accelerated in the opposite direction, in effect (almost) doubling your mass and thereby reducing the acceleration you'd feel, assuming you weren't wearing a seat belt.
scubadooper, Jul 23 2004

       Why am I not surprised that someone named "scubadooper" likes this idea? <grin>
krelnik, Jul 23 2004

       Just think of the reduced traffic noise.   

       you'd need windshield wippers on the inside of the windows... to clear away the algee
luecke, Jul 23 2004

       //back seat//   

       "Seats" in a SCUBA car?
Shirley it's controlled by a swimming motion.
Amos Kito, Jul 23 2004

       good one, wagster.
lintkeeper2, Jul 23 2004

       Make sure to always park it in the shade.
Worldgineer, Jul 23 2004

       Pressure shouldn't be too much of a problem in a crash. Any impact big enough to reduce the volume of the car is probably going to make it leak. This might benefit from some hot tub style jets in the seat to take the edge off of the morning traffic.
the_art, Jul 23 2004

       That thundering bass your hearing is coming from the two little 6x9s, driven by a wussy 80W amp in the glove compartment. Whooda thunk a 32ohm load could sound so good.
absterge, Jul 23 2004

       Bah, noncompressible water is a nonissue. Keep in mind the car has windows - and they'd break. The water would be expelled in every direction that a window breaks in, thereby reducing the force of the accident and creating a low-pressure zone within the car as the water is pulled by gravity and momentum outward. The worst thing that could happen is your joints exploding from sudden decompression.
shapu, Jul 23 2004

       <Calls Boss>
I'm going to be a bit late this morning, I have to de-ice the car.
Ling, Jul 23 2004

       In a weird coincidence, NPR's Weekend Radio with Robert Conrad ran an old Bob and Ray comedy bit about a guy who "swam across America" by filling 60 foot house trailer with water, and constantly swimming laps as the trailer was driven across the country. I couldn't help thinking of this idea.
krelnik, Jul 24 2004

       Equally torn between the halfbakedness of it and the practicality. Concerned about the effect on visibility, as well as reaction time moving through water.   

       I suppose the deciding factor might be that horrible name. If you can come up with a better one, I could come up with a bun.
waugsqueke, Jul 24 2004

       [waugsqueke]: Sushi-to-go?
wagster, Jul 25 2004

       Coral and Catfish in the same Acarium?
thumbwax, Jul 25 2004

       Any water pressure impulse large enough to break windows is going to do a number on my ears...
RayfordSteele, Jul 25 2004

       Well, you'd never have to stop to pee.
bristolz, Jul 25 2004

       You'd kill the fish! Probably. Anyway, sounds like [thumbwax] knows more about fish than I do...
wagster, Jul 25 2004

       I know the joke about carpool tunnel syndrome, but I'm not certain it merits repeating.
normzone, Sep 20 2011

       "if you want to keep your fingers, don't reach under the seat" (although I hear noodling is all the rage these days)
Eubalaena, Sep 25 2011

       Ooh. This was like, my third idea. Hello again!
wagster, Oct 07 2011

po, Oct 07 2011


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