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Air vent sights

For easy adjustment
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In the coldest days of winter, I'm thoroughly bundled up in the car. Coat, boots, mittens...everything is insulated except my face. To prevent my nose from freezing, I direct the heater onto my exposed skin. This should be a simple task, but for some reason automobile air vents are surprisingly difficult to aim. The directional vanes are made to look pretty, at the expense of functionality.

I propose a very simple modification. Alter the air vents to include targeting sights which, when lined up, will blow air directly at the user's face. "Iron sights" can be moulded directly into the plastic, or fancier cars can use fibre optic sights.

Aq_Bi, Feb 16 2012


       laser? But then confusion on self-heating alignment success or imminent assassination attempt...
not_morrison_rm, Feb 16 2012

       //automobile air vents are surprisingly difficult to aim.// I don't seem to have this problem.
DIYMatt, Feb 16 2012

       Neither do I, but then I don't drive Aq_Bi's car. I'm assuming his car's vents are hard to aim for some unknown reason.
Psalm_97, Feb 16 2012

       I don't get this. Do some cars not have underfloor heating?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2012

       Bubble tracers?
swimswim, Feb 18 2012

       Somehow I'd be uncomfortable with the idea of something being aimed at me while I'm driving, but it's a decent idea for less paranoid motorists.   

       Tritium night sights would be a simpler alternative to fiberoptics.
Alterother, Feb 19 2012

       A budget alternative could be made from some flexi tube and good strong tape - with the air fed right to your nose.   

       Or a hockey mask with a hand warmer taped to the inside?
saedi, Feb 20 2012


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