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Arm Pit Air Conditioner

A spring loaded cuff band takes advantage of wind while you drive
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As I have been the owner of many vehicles without air conditioning, I've put to the drawing board a device which helps quite a bit in the hot weather.

I used to hold the steering wheel with one hand (the hand next to the door) and rest that elbow on an opened window car door. With my other hand I would pull my sleeve cuff open a bit so that it 'catches' the wind as I am driving. Well, it is a precarious position while driving and not that safe....but I love the draft it creates through my shirt; up my arm and even to my lower back that sweats when I drive.

So, instead of using both hands, why not have a device that keeps your sleeve/cuff open. And thus was born the frugal persons Arm Pit Air Conditioner. A slightly curved plastic peice about .5 inches wide and 4 inches long rests on your arm (perhaps it is foam covered). Attached perpendicular to this piece is an adjustable shaft that has an internal spring that keeps tension on your shirt to hold it open. It shouldn't blow out of your sleeve while driving because it is tight between your cuff and your arm AND now you have that nice breeze venting your shirt, with out using your hand.

I hope that is a good description for my first posting. What do you think?

macncheesy, Apr 30 2004


       thats sleeves sorted +1 now what about the trousers?
po, Apr 30 2004

       Just open the flap in the front, Po.
justaguy, Apr 30 2004

       //what about the trousers?//
Hah! In this area of the country, you occasionally see old cars with bare feet sticking out the windows. (I’ve never seen the driver doing that, though.)
ldischler, Apr 30 2004

       No Trousers. They can't be put out the window easily. But...a hose attachement might do the trick.
macncheesy, May 04 2004

       A vehicle with out air conditioning??? My advice would be to go and get a job, then buy a proper car. Jaguars are nice.
Rattrap, May 04 2004

       Air conditioning?! Why, I drove my old truck in the 120 degree summers in Phoenix, during the monsoon season for 10 years without air conditioning.   

       Of course, when that one is back on the road, it will have A/C. :)
half, May 05 2004


       I overcome the same problem by aiming the dashboard air vents at the armpits and driving with my hands in the ten-to-two position, elbows slightly distended.
egbert, May 05 2004

       So, [egbert] what might be the best solution would be a hose attachment for the dashboard air vents which you could stick up your sleeve/ down your trousers, etc.
hippo, May 05 2004

       Your cuffs don't have bug screens?
hippo, May 05 2004

       rattrap and half- this is specifically for those who have no air conditioning, but want a step-up from just having the window down and driving fast.   

       ...and I thought the whole reason behind buying car like a Jag was so you Could drive fast with the windows down.
macncheesy, May 21 2004

       I like this idea and even prefer to do this over air conditioning. How about an exterior vent scoop on the car that directs air through a flattish-hose that you canput up your sleeve. The vent scoop could be opened or closed from inside the car.
Salted Nuts, May 21 2004

       At first I read "Armpit Hair Conditioner".
But that discussion wouldn't be under car:climate, I guess.
shibolim, Jul 07 2004

       yeah armpit hair conditioner is so needed. I might steal it and post it.
etherman, Jul 07 2004

       I guess you would just attach a hose to a vent in your car w/ duct tape.
macncheesy, May 22 2007


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