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alcohol cheese

cheese is better at ambient temperature; placing a little alcohol with cheese curds at make time volatilizes flavor compounds
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cheese right from the fridge: less yum

use trace alcohol to volatilize the natural cheese essence (just like perfume) so chill cheese approaches the deliciousness of ambient temp cheese

technology: cheese made from curds with a kind of briefly ncapsulated alcohol at the piling up clumps of curd stage creates a cheese with .1 pt alcohol throughout which makes the cheese particularly flavorful even if it is a refrigerated cheese

when making cheese just add a little cream(milk oil) n alcohol blend; basically a way to add a little alcohol without affecting the curd clumping process

beanangel, Feb 19 2008

Cheese And Vodka http://www.busybeel...cheese-vodka-balls/
The idea is baked? [WcW, Feb 19 2008]

alcohol cheese flavor amplification is known http://cheese.about...cs/tp/Essential.htm
The exterior of the cheese is washed in brine or alcohol [beanangel, Feb 19 2008]


       Looks like a lot of people have tried and found the results wanting. I'm not sure if the aromas that alcohol amplifies are desireable.
WcW, Feb 19 2008

       wcw: I'm thinking of this as a kind of flavor amplifier rather than a flavor recipe   

       adequate science: "The exterior of the cheese is washed in brine or alcohol, softening the cheese and giving it a strong, stinky aroma."   

       the iudea of the idea being new; well I'll just say IUDea
beanangel, Feb 19 2008

       Why would you keep cheese in the refridgerator? It is normally kept in the pantry (at about 12-15°C) until required. If it's removed to a warmer room when the soup or fish courses are being served, you'll find that it has adequate time to breathe and develop its flavour before it's served.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 19 2008

       I've always wanted a cheese bell but never had room for one. However, in my next house....
wagster, Feb 19 2008

       I see no error in the scientific equation, cheese:yum.
theleopard, Feb 19 2008

       The ancient practice of Port and Stilton comes to mind. And, as others have said already, proper cheese shouldn't be confined to a refrigerator, but be allowed the opportunity to express itself naturally.   

       Using alcohol as a solvent to lower the estherisation temperature will make the cheese excessively runny at room temperature. This could be of use to the French in their attempts to introduce Brie and Camembert to the Inuit population of the Arctic.
zen_tom, Feb 19 2008


       I'll say iudea too. Not sure why. Actually no, cancel that, I like "badoingdoing" better.
david_scothern, Feb 20 2008

       //Some goat milk cheeses are washed in goat urine// OK, own up. Who did the "we always wash it in goat's urine" trick on Bubba?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 20 2008


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