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Cotton Cheese

Instead of cotton candy....
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Some like it sweet, some like it savory...

How about taking a traditional cotton-candy spinner and creating a cheese solution that would react in a similar manner as spun sugar. As the cheese gets thinner and thinner, it stiffens into thin strands. Simply twist a long paper cone through the spun cheese and voila! cotton cheese.

Now, before you slam this idea, recall the science that has brought us such a wide variety of cheese- and cheese-food products: cheetos (puffy AND crunchy), cheese nips, cheez whiz, cheese sauce, string cheese, etc. I may not have the exact recipe, but you know that the cheese R&D teams of the world could invent this in a jiffy.

And, as a bonus, while cotton candy only comes in different colors, cotton cheese could come in different flavors: American, Swiss, cheddar, Stilton, and gruyere...Imagine the possibilities!

butterjug2000, Jul 06 2001


       It could be served on a cracker cone rather than the paper so that it is edible also.
krispykremednut, Jul 06 2001, last modified Jul 07 2001

       I think that PeterSealy is underestimating the power of cheese science.
butterjug2000, Jul 06 2001

       wtf is american cheese?
RobertKidney, Jul 06 2001

       Rods Tiger: American-style processed "cheese" is not a variety of Gouda, it is a variety of polystyrene. It is very popular as fish bait. And remember Milo Minderbinder in "Catch 22" trying to get Yossarian to try chocolate-dipped cotton?   

       Actually butterjug2000's idea sounds pretty good to me, as long as it uses an edible cheese and not the American kind.
Dog Ed, Jul 07 2001

       [waugs]: 'It sounds very bad, however, which is likely why it doesn't yet exist.' Not really a constraint. My local supermarket has recently started selling baked beans, chips (UK), and omelette pieces in tomato sauce *in the same can*, in a twin-pack with beans, mushrooms, and egg nuggets (whatever the #### they are), also in tomato sauce. Also, need I mention Twinkies?
angel, Jul 07 2001

       Omelette pieces in Tomato Sauce?
When I managed a grocery store, the deli would make a lot of Ham and American Cheese sandwiches. Why? Because they'd taken close to expiration date American Cheese off the Cold Box Shelf, written a transfer from Grocery to Deli form (no retail loss for Grocery Dept., and wholesale cost factored over to Deli in terms of Inventory Control and Bonuses for each Department). Along with the fact that Ham was cheaper than other meats, yet sandwiches retailed for the same price. So there the sandwiches would sit in front of the customer... Until the Deli Clerk would clinch the sale by rattling off the names of other sandwiches in a dull monotone " Roast Beef with Monterey Jack, Turkey with Swiss or (Coworker would start humming Battle Hymn of Republic while clerk would patriotically proclaim) Ham with (Both clerks Salute) AMERICAN Cheese. Sold a lot of Ham and 'Cheese' Sandwiches.
That said, American Cheese is the worst American product - bar none.
thumbwax, Jul 07 2001

       OK - so Michael Bolton is worse.
thumbwax, Jul 09 2001

       But unlike Mr. Bolton, American cheese is still selling...
globaltourniquet, Jul 09 2001

       American Cheese is a pox. It is the worst thing made in this country. Many good cheeses are made in the U.S. though, including Jalapeno Pepper Monterey Jack (named after my home town).
mkultra, Jul 09 2001

       American cheese is exceptionally handy if you need to plug a sucking chest wound.   

       Now, as for the Cotton Cheese...we've got EZ Cheese, Cheese Whiz, and cans of Nacho Cheese. Seems like the perfect addition to a line of stoner-friendly junk food. Definitely a plus.
Reverend D, Jul 10 2001

       to get technical: american is *supposedly* processed form of a very very mild cheddar.   

       i find it's good for giving dogs pills in...so soft it's almost like play-doh if you hold it in your hands for a minute...
Urania, Oct 06 2001

       Brilliant idea, I'd love to try it if it really works. Actually, cotton bread might work too with the same principle, with bread made nice and soft like cotton candy.
juliadang, Dec 22 2001

       Not fat-free like cotton candy, but a yummy idea regardless.
tchaikovsky, Aug 18 2003

       mmmmmmmmmmmmm.........I think this sounds good!
PinkDrink, Jul 19 2004


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