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anti-gropenator spray

Just in case the new California governor likes your melons
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Spray this on your clothes over your chest area and your buttocks. If anyone touches these sprayed-on areas, the residue will show up on the guilty party's hands under ultraviolet light. Can be chemically manufactured for each individual so that when CSI does a spectrum analysis of the chemical residue, it can be traced back to an individual can...and its individual purchaser.
muzer, Oct 10 2003


       Why be so high-tech? Just use tar or dogs doings. Seriously though, no one is going to want to spray their clothes with chemicals when a right hook already acts as a reliable deterrent.
squeak, Oct 10 2003

       Better to use some caustic compound that will burn through the flesh revealing the metallic skeleton underneath!
grahamhgreen, Oct 10 2003

       And burn through the clothes, flesh and bone of the besprayed leaving only a sad puddle on the ground with bra wires steaming in the middle.
squeak, Oct 10 2003

       weak very weak.......
SystemAdmin, Oct 10 2003

       Fun at the disco.
suctionpad, Oct 10 2003

       TRUE STORY - my wife just started a nursing course. They had a task using a UV ink to show how easy it is to spread germs (dip hands in UV ink, wash, and then work a bit, then shine UV on working area). Everything was fine until they got to the desk of a known gropenator, and sure enough BOTH girls either side of him had large UV hand prints on their arses!
Instine, Apr 09 2004


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