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logoed politicians

sponsors logos on public officials
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Very simply, politicians who get more than a certain dollar amount from any one entity would display the logo or name of said entity, (ala nascar racers and other pro athletes) so that the interested voter could spot conflicts of interest at a glance.
raleigh, Apr 16 2002

Global Ideas Bank http://www.globalideasbank.org/site/home/
[GIB]'s link. [saker, Oct 04 2004]


       No, just no.
[ sctld ], Apr 16 2002

       yes, good. also you can buy the space. some politicians would sport "this space for rent" signs. anything we can do to humiliate a politician is a step in the right direction.
rbl, Apr 16 2002

       Bush can be the first to buy space on Gore's forehead for the next election. "Bush for Pres" right on his opponent. Tricky campaigning. The publicity would be money well spent.
dag, Apr 16 2002

       The Enron logo looks like a falling over E after being struck by lightning from God; his logo I don't know.
FarmerJohn, Apr 17 2002

       Lightning Bolt.
neelandan, Apr 17 2002

       God's logo? The cross, of course.
waugsqueke, Apr 17 2002

       God's non-denominational logo in the states is the all-seeing eye on top of a pyramid. That's the official explanation, at least, for the $1 Bill. Might as easily have been an anti-Jesuitical plot; they were mostly Masons, the F.Fathers. Might be we're due for another anti-Jesuitical drive soon, with Opus Dei looking like it's getting out of hand...
General Washington, Oct 22 2002

       Great, GW, pass the comfy cushions...
PeterSilly, Oct 22 2002

       politicians are meant to serve the country right?, so why is their traditional garb that of managers, bosses and board members everywhere; the suit? I think each political party should have a uniform like Blockbuster/McDonalds. The polititians could all wear name tags and get a number of stars depending on how senior they are. In britain Labour would have red teeshirts, Tories; Blue etc. This would make the house of commons a much more colourful place, and would save Jon Snow having to produce all those nice graphics on election day with all the little red/yellow/blue men filing into the chamber.   

       Also there could be a 'near to sacked hat' (a bit like a dunces hat) that people like Estelle Morris (at the moment) would have to wear if they had made a few mistakes recently, as a reminder to them to be more careful.   

       In the states politicians could be required to wear a hat with a paper mache donkey or elephant on top at all times. The size and grandioseness of the beast would increase with status so Dubya would have to wear a giant gold elephant on his head all the time.
Zircon, Oct 22 2002

       Nice idea, Zircon; you should give it its own 1/2 bake forum.
raleigh, Jan 29 2003

       Ah, the lazy voters device. It would be perfect for viewers of Fox News
tealeaf magazine, Jan 11 2004

       Pre-heated, in a Bruce Sterling short story, where by law the president has the logoes of his corporate sponser tattooed on his face.   

       That way, you know who he's truly representing when you watch him speak.   

       I like the concept, and I guess it good be done in the same manner race car drivers wear advertising.
normzone, Jan 11 2004

       Idea also appears in the global ideas bank. Which was posted first?
RayfordSteele, Apr 14 2004

       Yeah, as Raymond notes, this is featured on the Global Ideas Bank....I went through our archives and discovered it dates from 1999-2000 (we actually featured it in a book in 2000)....so I think it comes first. By the way, would be interested in any opinions on the new Global Ideas Bank (http://www.globalideasbank.org)......
GIB, Apr 29 2004

       [GIB] - welcome to the hafbakery. You can add links using the "link" button which is underneath the idea's main text.
saker, Apr 29 2004

       cor: Rayford
dentworth, Apr 29 2004

       Thanks....realised my errors afterwards (apologies Rayford and thanks for adding link, saker)... I do love this idea....although these days it might be more "politicans wear patches of clothing in proportion to how much they are *not* funded or sponsored by big business".....can we spot a bit of untouched material on Dubya or Blair?
GIB, Apr 29 2004

       This would be fantastic. Should be mandatory.
turner, Apr 29 2004

       i'm with Turner on this, polititians who are standing for election should wear boiler suits with proportionally sized adverts for the companies that have contributed.
engineer1, Apr 30 2004

       [+] still as good as the first time I read it, a belated bun.
FlyingToaster, Mar 27 2010

       I like this, and I'm inclined to vote for it. However, since it's already got 12 buns, I'll play Devil's advocate (and cast no vote). This is a bad idea, because it would increase voters' cynicism, making them less engaged, less likely to vote ... and leaving the democratic process even more vulnerable to manipulation by fanatics and those who, individually or collectively, can afford to buy votes wholesale, so to speak, albeit legally, through lobbying, campaign contributions, advertising, owning media companies, & so on.
mouseposture, Mar 29 2010


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