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atomic car clock

have the clock be an atomic clock
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atomic clocks, if you don't know, are self-setting, and the most accurate clocks in the world. they can come so small, they are tiny alarm clocks.

the idea is to have the clock in the car's dash be set atomically. it will never be off, on daylight savings, it will reset, and if you drive to a different time zone, it will set accordingly.

now I know many people like to set their clocks ahead or behind to either make them feel like they have more time than then do, or to keep them from being late. this would allow you to set it as many minutes ahead/behind as you'd like, but it would be EXACTLY that figure....ie: EXACTLY 15 min ahead.

HeloDarqness, Oct 01 2006

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       GPS / SATNAV- Would the time received from 8 or 12 orbiting atomic clocks do? If so, most modern in-car navigation aids will do what you want (IF you can advance them 900,000,000,000ns)
Dub, Oct 01 2006

       hadn't thought about that.   

       major doy.   

       the gps times would do. frankly, I rely on my cellphone.
HeloDarqness, Oct 01 2006


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