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12V Fondue

The ideal car snack for long journeys
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An electric fondue with a standard 12V plug for use in the car. It should be positioned between the front seats so all occupants of the car can use it, and it should be mounted on a gimbal to avoid hot cheese spillage when cornering at speed.
hippo, Aug 17 2008

12V Crock Pot http://www.neobits....ock_pot_p36593.html
Should work for fondue. Needs gimbal. [csea, Aug 17 2008, last modified Aug 18 2008]

Starsky & Hutch stake out http://www.metacafe...tarsky_hutch_music/
Have you been watching a hairy west country troll champion the theme tune from a 1970s cop show perchance perchoice? [theleopard, Aug 18 2008]

Bistromathics http://en.wikipedia.../Bistromathic_drive
As created by Douglas (we-are-not-worthy) Adams. [8th of 7, Aug 18 2008]

Only marginally apropos Soup_20Rally
[calum, Aug 19 2008]


       Will it have chocolate fondue capability ?   

       Chocolate ! Chocolate!   

8th of 7, Aug 17 2008

       Semi-baked (melted?) [link]
csea, Aug 17 2008

       I'm a bit concerned that you will burn yourself when changing gears.
po, Aug 17 2008

       Or spill molten cheese in one's lap ?
8th of 7, Aug 17 2008

       You could stick it in the beverage holder: it wouldn't have to be propped up on anything.
nineteenthly, Aug 17 2008

       [8th of 7] yes, although the lower sugar levels and stodgier nature of the traditional cheese fondue make for less restless children in the back seat and are better at giving you the energy reserves you need for driving.
[po] Good point - this might be more suited to automatics, or cars like mine with odd dashboard-mounted gearsticks.
[19thly] But you've got to have gimbals...
hippo, Aug 18 2008

       In a way, then, this is also an idea for putting gimbals on a beverage holder. How about a gyroscope too? Then it could double as a compass, or for that matter an inertial navigation system, and if it's going to do that you might as well have a flying car which is completely automatic, completely controlled by a fondue set. I'd like that.
nineteenthly, Aug 18 2008

       A titanium spaceframe would be better than carbon fibre in this application.   

       Using the fondue set as the core of the control and gidance system is intriguing; sounds like an ideal application for Bistromathics. <link>   

       Can we get back to the chocolate now ? Dammit, we should NEVER have tried to assimilate Deanna Troi. Trust us, if you're ever tempted to assimilate a Betazoid empath with a chocolate obsession, don't. It's just a whole Universe of grief.
8th of 7, Aug 18 2008

       This would be fine for an electric car. But are there not more efficient ways to heat a fondue pot with an ICE in the vehicle?
ed, Aug 19 2008

       Perhaps the gearstick problem could be alleviated by incorporating the fondue into the design of the car itself - make the gearstick the heating element and place the fondue pot around it. This would have the advantage of allowing the winter morning driver to warm his or her chilly digits on the cheese heat.
calum, Aug 19 2008


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