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audience drinking participation film

A film for Drinking while the theatre closes
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Once and a while they bulldoze a movie threatre. To build new movie palace or put in a fast food joint or whatever...

In the the Rocky Horror Picture show the audience comes in costume after midnight and chants the lines and all.

In a similar vein, A drinking movie (maybe written after Cannery Row) is shown and the audience slowly gets so plowed they spend the night, urinate in the aisles, throw up on themselves, philosophize, and generally have a good time. Such an audience involvement movie would work only if the place is to be bulldozed in a few weeks.

The use of fire hoses between showings is recommended.

popbottle, Jul 13 2014

Plenty of drinking films aleady! http://www.cnn.com/...ay-drinking-movies/
Hic! urp! [popbottle, Jul 13 2014]


       The problem is the prospective audience will get the idea that it's okay to trash the place and you won't get drunken philosophers but thieves and vandals.
Voice, Jul 13 2014

       An Ayckbourne-style dinner party play where the audience eat and drink the same as the performers would be interesting ... the action of the play would perforce be in real time.
8th of 7, Jul 13 2014

       If the movie were arty enough maybe there might be drunken philosopher vandal thieves. Thinking about those folks, I bet the philosopher piece leads to a discerning eye when choosing stuff to steal. But they might bring it home covered with their own spray paint and barf.
bungston, Jul 13 2014


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