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barnacle helmet

stick this fashion/safety accessory to your head with our newly developed barnacle glue
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this is the ultimate fashion statement for the real car connoisseur among us. Its equally good for driving, long walks and clubbing. As it is totally unremoveable, you can use it in bed, restaurants, work, visiting sick mates etc etc. add attachments as necessary e.g. radio antennae
po, Nov 04 2001

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       If you've got some new superglue, I think you'd be better off targeting the Hair Club For Men...
DrBob, Nov 04 2001

       I cannot take the credit - it was some chap called bladedanger that developed it
po, Nov 04 2001

       forgot completely to mention it keeps the sun off the back of the drivers neck
po, Nov 05 2001

       Baked: Darth Vader.
wiml, Nov 08 2001

       po-thetic, as usual.
JAL, Nov 08 2001

       JAL do I know you?
po, Nov 08 2001


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