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bat display

use virtual surround to create auditory 'objects' in 3d space
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if you know these 'virtual surround' programs that can emulate sound coming from =any= point in 3d space with a pair of earphones, check this out - train a person to discern between few audio 'sources' in 3d space, then train him to hear more than one source at a time, and with further training .... perhaps you could actually 'see' simple 3d models (or in the worse case, you have an interesting alternative output device..) I wonder how this would work with the blind. they usually have phenomenal hearing. by the way I believe psychoacoustic models today are not advanced enough for the job.
supershnitzel, Oct 24 2005


       On discovery they have shown blind people recognizing buildings, trees, dogs, go shopping and even shake hands with similar technology. What they do is wear a special pair of goggles that acts as sonar. the sound output is converted from ultrasound to ordinary sound and sent to the person's ear. A blind sportsman was even shown to follow a person on a race track for excersize purposes.
kamathln, Oct 24 2005

       Permit me to be skeptical about shaking hands using sonar. (Unless you're simply detecting which direction the shakee is in, and relying on him/her to grab your hand and pump it wildly.)
DrCurry, Oct 24 2005


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