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Automata popularity writer

Replicate the Jaquet-Droz automata and use it to display social media popularity.
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Created in 1774 "The Writer" automated boy was Jaquet- Droz most complex automata, consisting of 6,000 moving parts and able to write any message of up to 40 characters in length. It does this via multiple sets of disks, 3 disks to a set, each disk controls one axis of movement of the arm holding the pen. A wheel with pins of different heights selects which set of disks is selected. After a set is selected, they turn, moving the arm through the motions necessary to write the desired character. One character inserts the quill of the pin into an inkwell.

Originally, the wheel just advanced one pin after the next, to produce a sentence. Instead, we will control the position of the wheel with a servo motor connected to a small computer (arduino or raspi) and so produce custom messages from any source.

This could be a subscriber count from your YouTube channel. Or a page hit counter for your web site. Or how many people you have annoyed on twitter.

The papers will be pushed off the table after the writing is complete and fall down before your eyes onto your desk or floor.

The very height of technical artistry perverted to record your popularity.

James Newton, Mar 03 2020

Short video of operation https://www.youtube...watch?v=ux2KW20nqHU
[James Newton, Mar 03 2020]

Slightly more in depth video. https://www.youtube...watch?v=laJX0txJc6M
This video highlights the genius of the device. [James Newton, Mar 03 2020]

From the descendant company. https://youtu.be/WofWNcMHcl0?t=245
An advertisement of all the accomplishments, this link queued to the section about the automata. [James Newton, Mar 03 2020]


       Çan it output "+++ OUT OF CHEESE ERROR +++ REDO FROM START +++" ?
8th of 7, Mar 03 2020

       Might not hold interest in a time where robotic toys are discarded after two minutes. Although, moving complexity has a hypnotic attraction so may be a doll that is only complete from one angle.
wjt, Mar 05 2020


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