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butter substitute

simple idea
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Richard Wilson (Victor Meldrew) television/radio advertising a well known butter sustitute.


That's 'I can't/don't believe etc...'

Think he'd do it?

Giles, Jan 23 2006

"I don't believe it" http://www.chortle....atures/meldrew.html
90s TV program [neilp, May 29 2006]

"I can't believe it's not" http://www.unilever...eveitsnotbutter.asp
butter substitute [neilp, May 29 2006]


       Not a fire hot enough to bake this.
reensure, Jan 24 2006

       welcome to the halfbakery [giles]. You might like to read the helpfile, available via the menu on the left.
jonthegeologist, Jan 24 2006

       Uhm. Little help here?
jutta, May 29 2006

       there's an actor whose character's catchphrase is (see top link) and a butter subsitute whose slogan is (see second link).   

       That explains why [Giles] thinks this might be funny.
neilp, May 29 2006

       Ah! Thank you so much. I'd heard of the ads, but not of the show or its catchphrase.
jutta, May 29 2006


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