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Crumbs from the Rich Man's Table

High standards, low bank balance
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Rich people get to shop in the classiest of provision-mongers (see link) and as a consequence, they can get the world's choicest and most rarefied and delicious provisions.

For lesser beings, whose bank balance at the end of the month sometimes reaches double figures, I propose a new line of food products.

Elegantly packaged in the finest quality plain brown paper packaging, discretely emblazoned in gilt with the crests of the world's finest mongers.

Within the inch-long box, the eager yet poverty-stricken gourmet will find the tiniest crumb or morsel of the desired comestible.

A crumb of the finest hand baked organic christmas cake. A thin sliver of Caciocavallo Podolico cheese. A single grain, or two, of caviar. a slice from a crystallised grape, or from an unutterably fine belgian chocolate. A tiny glass vial containing a single drop of 1927 vintage port...

Quality knows no limits... only quantity. Each product penguin retails at £1.

pocmloc, Nov 09 2009

The Windsor Hamper https://www.fortnum.../the-windsor-hamper
If you wish to order one for me, you're very welcome. [pocmloc, Nov 09 2009]


       If you believe that the entry-level Fortnum's hamper in your link is an example of the "most rarefied and delicious provisions", I dread to think what you feed your staff.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 09 2009

       Got to go with MB on this one. You have no idea what the real cream costs. That sampler isn't great anything. Just faux tosh for the middle class who wish they could live the high life. The McRich Super Value Basket. And talk about a massive ripoff at that. All that stuff is deeply discounted at wholesale then marked up 200% over retail and most of it was distressed (unsellable) which is why it ended up in your low class "LUXURY PACKAGE OFFER" (dead dead giveaway that the market is middle class and tasteless) .
WcW, Nov 10 2009

       Drinking spilled wine could be a bit tough but I like the idea [+]
Aristotle, Nov 10 2009


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