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ceiling compass rose

compass on living room ceiling
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A product that facilitates a painted design of a compass to be easily transferred from a piece of paper onto the ceiling of the living room. This helps visitors to orientate themselves better. A good conversation piece and a nice present at a housewarming party.

It answers questions like: Where is the river from here? Do you get sun here in the afternoon? Is the highway in that direction? How do I return to the métro/bus stop from here? Is the train I hear in the distance on the tracks we saw on our way here?

Feb 06 2005, Name changed into "ceiling compass rose" as suggested by coprocephalous.

rrr, Feb 01 2006

compass designs http://images.google.com/images?q=compass
image search on compass designs (nautical instruments mostly) for inspiration [rrr, Feb 01 2006]

http://www.monticel...weathercompass.html [hippo, Feb 01 2006]

(??) http://www.istockph...m_with_Compass.html [hippo, Feb 01 2006]

http://atcomp.com/p...od_cat=6&prod_id=15 [hippo, Feb 01 2006]

(?) Ceiling Medallion http://www.vintageh...dallions/zk-16.html
Presumably, any commercially available ceiling medallion like the one pictured here should be adaptable for the compass job. This has the benefit of also being useful in disguising the electrical box from which your ceiling light is suspended. [jurist, Feb 01 2006]


       A ceiling compass rose? [+]
coprocephalous, Feb 01 2006

       Looks like it's fairly widely baked [marked-for-deletion]
hippo, Feb 01 2006

       I love it! I am having one installed on the marble tile floor in my foyer.
Jscotty, Feb 01 2006

       <pedant>But then it'll be a floor compass, not a ceiling compass</pedant>
hippo, Feb 01 2006

       I don't really feel comfortable in a new place until I know which way is North, so +. That said, I would still want a magnetic compass to check that it was pointing in the right direction... I have seen a sundial installed facing the wrong way. Some people have no soul.
spidermother, Feb 01 2006

       Very useful to check if someone rotated your residence while you weren't looking.
Ling, Feb 01 2006

       As a mass-produced consumer product it does not seem to be baked, one can conclude after careful study of the images Hippo provided. [ummarked-for-deletion]
rrr, Feb 01 2006


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