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Bouquet Holster

Does it look like I brought you flowers?
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Whenever I give out a bouquet of flowers its always the same thing... I try to make it a surprise, and approach them holding the bouquet behind my back. Now this never really comes as a surprise at all, because its pretty obvious when someone suspiciously walks up to you with their entire arm behind their back that most likely...its a bouquet of flowers.

This action is global and so so so cliche....really!

*Enter the Bouquet Holster*

This is a discreed holster that wraps around your shoulders which allows you to easily attach the bouquet to your back out of sight to those infront of you (providing its not a practical joke huge bouquet).

So you casually walk up to greet the reciever, arms at your side - no suspicious floral baring what-so-ever....then, at your leisure, you reach back, grab em, and voila! It's as if by magic.

This I believe can only work once per person...otherwise it gets old and cheesy...and becomes the next cliche flower baring routine.

shinobi, May 19 2005

(?) Flower Sleeve Bouquet http://www.empirema...om/docs/assy14.html
3rd down. Not the same, granted, but related in terms of (a) flowers and (b) surprisitude. [calum, May 19 2005]


       I hid behind a car once, to surprise a lady with flowers, jumping out as the passed. Got walloped with a reflex action handbag swing. Burst nose and everything. (Now, I write her a letter, telling her I'm going to buy her flowers. Less romantic, but I don't want to end up looking like Ian Dowie) Nice idea, though, as it would allow me to use both hands to defend myself. Also useful for surprise Morrissey stripagrams, if such a thing exists.
calum, May 19 2005

       I have to say...I was watching TV the other day and caught a show dedicated to young entrepreneurs with fresh ideas. one of the participants featured a teenage girl with an idea close enough to this one....it was however disregarded by the venture capitalists.... Well at least she made it further than the old internet right...!?
shinobi, Jun 16 2005

       I mistakenly thought this was a bouquet to hide a gun it...but now that I read it, I like it.[+]
xandram, Feb 02 2006


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