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Bubblewrap Room

Do whatever....
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A room where your floor,ceiling and walls are covered in large bubble-bubblewrap and a bouncy bubblewrap bed.

Earplugs optional.

I don't quite know what you could get up to in there but I'm sure I'll think of something.

skinflaps, Oct 03 2002


       Sounds like a 'quiet' room.
waugsqueke, Oct 03 2002

       Slight deliberation suggests illuminous kitties might be entertaining with kitty ear muffs, leaping about popping bubbles...
skinflaps, Oct 03 2002

       Heh! I'd be hurling myself at the walls. The only problem I can see is that you'd have to change the bubblewrap a lot.
madradish, Oct 04 2002

       Three thoughts concerning this idea simultaneously crossed my mind, greatly disturbing me in their juxtoposition: exactly how much fun I would have in this room, how much the resulting idea resembles a padded cell, and how much joy I'd derive at throwing myself at its walls.   

       Oh look, my friends are coming with my special coat again...
RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2002

       Quick search on Google..you could incorporate colored bubblewrap, the ceiling,walls,floor could be bright yellow's,red's,blues etc it might brighten things up a bit..waiting for the disco lights suggestion...
skinflaps, Oct 04 2002

       great idea!...and I've got an extra empty bedroom that would be perfect. If i do this, I promise to supply you with a complete recap and maybe pictures.
eris, Oct 04 2002

       You could have a big roll of wrap (as used in many warehouses) along the top of each wall like a rollerblind, and just feed out a new load whenever you start to bruise. The occasional wall of, "Remember to buy more bubblewrap," as you near the end of the roll would add pleasing variation to your surroundings.   

       A bubblewrapped floor would surely be a boon to any art gallery or museum curators displaying priceless breakables - vases, statues of Adam, infant children of curators, that kind of thing.   

       A possibly cheaper alternative, however, might be to just bubblewrap yourself.   

       And most importantly, if you decide on an opaque brand of bubblewrap for your room, be sure to mark where the door is...
friendlyfire, Oct 13 2002

       This really is a slightly bouncy version of a padded cell. And there's nothing wrong with that. Really it just works out to an inflatable room, aka a bouncy castle. Baked.   

       I just had a moderately evil idea. A velcro room. You chuck yourself on a wall, and strain to unstick, falling to the floor. Which is also velcro. Aaggh!   

       However, a combination, in which the bottom half of the room is bouncy and the top half is velcro, you'd be happy for hours. Bounce, bounce, stick!
imagin8or, Jun 24 2003


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