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I have a theory
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Looking at the sizes and shapes of various toddler sippy cups, I believe I have found the key to why it is so bloody difficult to ween a child off the bottle with what's available: the bloody size and shape! Forget all the different mouthpieces out there, I'm talking the size and shape of the container itself! Most bottles I've used with infants have one thing in common with each other: they are clear plastic, tall and skinny, smooth, and of symmetrical cylindrical shape. I've been browsing through pages and pages of all sorts of sippy cups, including so-called 'training cups', and haven't seen a single one that fits that description. They all have those stupid wing-like handles, or so-called 'comfort-grip' tapering or hourglass shape to them, and they're made of brightly-colored opaque or translucent materials. So not only is the poor child struggling to adjust to a different style of mouthpiece than what he's used to, the damned things don't even look the same or feel the same in his hands. Different mouth feel, different hand feel, different size, different look... it's a sensory overload.

My theory is that it would be a much easier transition from the bottle to the cup if he were started out with a cup which is identical to his bottle, with the ONLY difference being the mouthpiece. Once he's gotten used to that, then you begin moving to more traditional toddler cups, one difference (opacity, color, shape, handles, etc) at a time.

So that's the big idea. A line of training cups designed to mimic various bottle styles, and each style has a range of cups made with minor changes in style to be used in sequence.

21 Quest, Dec 20 2012

poifect. http://lovelypackag...tubby-beer-bottles/
[FlyingToaster, Dec 20 2012]


       That's actually exactly what I'm planning on trying, only removing the handles completely before he gets his hands on it and has a chance to develop a dislike for it. Either that or modifying a sippy cup lid to screw onto a bottle.
21 Quest, Dec 20 2012


       and if I might be so bold, may I suggest as a shape template <link>.

       They could be scaled all the way up to 12oz which would make this currently-occasional beer drinker quite happy, the modern long-necked variety having absolutely no feng-shui qualities whatsoever.
FlyingToaster, Dec 20 2012

       With most tippy cups it's easy to remove the lid and use it as a regular cup until the child gets used to it and from there a real regular cup. That's what my wife and I did and it worked perfectly.
Voice, Dec 20 2012

       Straight from bottle to normal cup? Hmmm... I'll give it a whirl for daytime use, but he still needs something he can hold onto while napping without risk of spillage. Thanks for the suggestion. Nice link, FT.
21 Quest, Dec 20 2012

       So these are the things I need to know: Who is the mother of this child, what is the gender, what exactly is the nature of this relationship the mother has with the father and is the father 21q, how long have they been together, was there ever a separation, does she think 21q is a good lover etc. I am almost tempted to take my next vacation near 21q's home, get him blind drunk and interrogate him like a cia operative. Sorry

       As for the idea, when child is semi alone leave lid on, when child is at table, take lid off. No more then a week of cleaning up the liquid of the floor and the child is proud of the new skill. That is the time to hide beer cans and beer bottles because children love beer.
zeno, Dec 20 2012

       Better men than CIA operatives have tried cracking me. Good luck.
21 Quest, Dec 20 2012

       I'm just curious, but why the fishbone?
21 Quest, Dec 21 2012


       (It's not my bone.)
ytk, Dec 21 2012

       Cowardice, I should think. Hubris is extreme pride or arrogance. I would expect a person with such an attitude to show a little more pride in his spite by declaring his intent.
21 Quest, Dec 23 2012

It's not cowardice, pride, or hubris, (which is not extreme pride or arrogance unless coupled with intent to belittle another while having a boomerang effect), that got you those fishbones... the idea's just too dang practical. (+)

       In the words of Boba Fett... I'm a practical man.
21 Quest, Dec 24 2012

       //Hubris is extreme pride or arrogance.//

       I was referring to this: //Better men than CIA operatives have tried cracking me. Good luck.//
ytk, Dec 24 2012

       Ahhhh. Well played, sir.
21 Quest, Dec 24 2012


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