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choose your own directions

GPS game show in the front seat of your car
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this is an application that runs your GPS, you input your intended destination your device will offer you two routes to choose from. one route will be a false route leading leading you to an unintended destination. the user knows that only one of the two routes will lead them to their intended destination so they are forced to make a best guess.

this is for people whose lives are not very exciting or for people who enjoy experiencing rage or furious cursing in the car

vfrackis, Jul 31 2014


       In certain very crowded areas, my GPS works like this anyway...esp. when there are streets in a V and surrounding cut-offs.
xandram, Jul 31 2014

       The Gypsy in our car doesn't care what neighborhoods she takes you through to get there, or what the road is actually like. One vacation we found ourselves travelling down 'Grandma Barnes's Road, which I think Grandma Barnes herself uses alone to walk the cows from pastureland a few miles away to the milking house. No self-respecting mapmaker would've considered it an actual road.
RayfordSteele, Jul 31 2014


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