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combat terrorism ii

Airline luggage travel separately from passengers
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No more risk of bombs in luggage. Figure out some logistics of getting the luggage to-fro airport, should be easy. Drop off luggage (non-carry-on) @ shipping 2 days before flight, recieve it at airport.
arfbaked, Jun 20 2003


       I often ship my luggage ahead, Fed-Ex.
bristolz, Jun 20 2003

       terrorists can go... luggage claim is alread enough of a pain in the ...it doesnt need to get worse... lost baggage $#(!$
althyr, Jun 20 2003

       I suggested this before (in the more aptly titled "No more luggage"). The most cogent criticism was that some people (with babies, for example, or medical needs) need to be able to carry certain items on board. I still think it's a great idea, if it there are idiots with exploding shoes.
DrCurry, Jun 20 2003

       They lost my luggage last time I went to Puerto Rico, which wasn't the end of the world. I just got new shorts & t shirts.   

       What if that had happened on a trip to Tokyo?
snarfyguy, Jun 20 2003

       its not like you have drop off the luggage at the airport - you can drop 'em off at dropoff centers. Or have it picked up at home/office. Sure people with babies & medical needs can get waivers for the appropriate equipment. Expanding on this - the arrived baggage could be dropped off at the hotel or wherever you are staying. Ultimately the aim is passenger safety. You could have separate cargo planes (like fedex uses for instance) that are dedicated to this. Use the cargo space in airliners for extra seating. Think about the advantages. Only carry on luggage and the passenger need to be searched at the airport. (Scanning of non-carry-on could be done at a separate service center, also in the airport). Exploding luggage only takes down the cargo plane. No more need of baggage scanners to hurrying searches 'cuz now they have ample time. Any existing postal system (USPS, Fedex) could tool up to handle the increased luggage.
arfbaked, Jun 20 2003

       //What if that had happened on a trip to Tokyo?//
Then two very comely Japanese ladies at the airport would have taken your details and two days later your luggage would be delivered to whatever door you choose by an extremely polite gentleman. If someone is going to lose your lugagge, make sure it happens when you're going to Japan.
my face your, Jun 20 2003

       Exactly, and I'm out five grand for the service. :(
snarfyguy, Jun 20 2003

       They charged you? They didn't do that to me. Still, it's only 30 quid.
my face your, Jun 20 2003


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