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colour changing wall paper

Wall paper to suit your mood.
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O.k this may be far fetched, but just imagine. When the house is at normal temprature it would be one colour. Then if the girl/boyfriend comes round for a quiet night, put the heating on and the wallpaper would change to a colour that would set the right mood.
Turkish, Feb 15 2002

rotate-o-wall http://www.halfbake.../idea/rotate-o-wall
mood changing walls [arora, Feb 17 2002]

Programmable House Paint http://www.halfbake...ble_20House_20Paint
Similar notion, but not heat-controlled. [jutta, Feb 17 2002]

electronic ink http://www.eink.com/technology/
[_dragonfly_, Oct 21 2004]

thermochromic pigments http://www.hwsands..../thermochromics.htm
[Laughs Last, Oct 21 2004]


       Whether it's quite a night or a quiet one.
thumbwax, Feb 15 2002

       Liquid Crystal paint Yay!
neelandan, Feb 15 2002

       See the chamelon CLothing HB idea.   

       New LCD technology makes this easy but expensive... just stick sheets to the wall... (it's now as thin ac a sheet of OHP accetate and bendable)
CasaLoco, Feb 16 2002

       If you want to do this realistically, now, you'd just work with different intensities and colors of light on white or neear-white wallpaper.
jutta, Feb 17 2002

       I have seen LED array projection systems that do what jutta describes (okay, I have read about them). Intended to set a mood or environment, they paint patterns and colors on a wall or projection surface.
bristolz, Feb 17 2002

       This exciting idea is currently being developed. Black and white electronic ink is already available and they are working on color.   

       Check out the link.
_dragonfly_, Mar 26 2003


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