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wallpaper changes with your mood or the time of day
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The walls would be designed similar to billboard adverts with vertical slats which can be change to different designs depending on the mood or time of day. During the day something plain but at night the design could incorportate flashing lights and neon designs. Or for a mellow mood some soothing stobe lights.
gizmo, Oct 21 2001

Grannies Recipe http://www.halfbake...w.granniesrecipe.tk
Resposteria Tradicional Inglesa [nolaolvides, Sep 04 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Fixed above link (I think..) http://www.granniesrecipe.tk
you need to remember the http:// part.. And shouldn't it be granny's recipe? Or are there more than one? And they should allow apostrophes in web urls. That's what I say. [yamahito, Sep 04 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Grannies Recipe http://www.halfbake.../www.granniesrecipe
Resposteria Tradicional Inglesa [nolaolvides, Oct 21 2004]


       3 or 4 walls to paper instead of one? what a brilliant idea
po, Oct 21 2001

       I'm not sure how soothing stobe lights would be.
mighty_cheese, Oct 21 2001

       hehehehe Soothing strobe lights...   

       Might be nice to change from "Everyday Casual" to "Out-of-town-visitor Casual" to "Formal Visitor". Disregard the skyrocketing construction costs.
phoenix, Nov 05 2001

       Cool - I like this. You'd have something normal, something festive (for parties) and perhaps black, for those home theatre nights. The black might even go well with the strobe lights.   

       P.S. What's with the cake link?
XSarenkaX, Sep 04 2002

       just don't try to sell this in Atlanta, Ga. Had one of those flippin' bilboards fall on a house and kill some people.
barnzenen, Sep 04 2002

       <newsflash> gizmo is due back very soon - good news from the horse's mouth (well gizmo's mum actually </newsflash>
po, Sep 04 2002


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