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staring at the wall with reason

Why to be called lazy when you could be called an artist or else (and potentially better) a lunatic?
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you photocopy a book on blank leaves, then cut the pages neatly, think about glue, forget about glue, think about nails, forget about nails, invent some kind of tape that wouldnt do harm to the wall paint (if one day you get tired of this idea) then make your mother buy it in the supermarket.. did i mention that what i suggest is having a book on the wall? well, since i did now, i'd also suggest choosing a book of not more than 100 pages.. ok, you can try a tom sawyer trick with cutting the pages and that - you know just sit somewhere in the shade, look at your scissors as if they were sexy and pretend that you re ahaving a great time. i think tom said something like - oh, whata shame you dont have fences to paint! - and then the kids rushed to him all willing to try the joyful work.. anyway, im not to worry about how you'll do this, you find a way. when thats done, start pasting the paper on the wall(s). break a bone, break another or just make the others do it for you (and break their bones of course.. if they're artless, that is)..ok, i have 38 pages left, back to reading.. and by the way, i got both 'an artist' and 'a lunatic' ladyship..
faula, Jul 02 2008


       I'm confused. is this about fooling other people into cutting pages out of your book and taping the pages to the wall with masking tape?   

       why not just stare at a wall for real? it's kind of fun, actually.
sninctown, Jul 02 2008

       Reads like Hubert Shelby.
Ling, Jul 02 2008

       I think the idea is complete within the first six lines.   

       "man is what he conceals".   

       I have to vote neutral on this since nothing is being invented, but maybe a weak method of remaining in peril.
daseva, Jul 02 2008

       ... is there an "on drugs" mfd ? Now a book about walls for staring at, that I could get into.
FlyingToaster, Jul 03 2008


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