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concaved croissant

croissant with a concaved top
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So when you put some Jam and cream on a hot croissant, it doesnt run off the side...

mmm... floor croissant...

JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Oct 19 2005


       On? Should be "in", surely.
squeak, Oct 19 2005

       Cream? On a croissant? Are you quite mad?
coprocephalous, Oct 19 2005

       Do you think that a croissant dropped on the floor would still land buttered side down.
hidden truths, Oct 19 2005

       What [squeak] said. Who put stuff on top of a croissant? Sacrilege I tells ya!
Shz, Oct 19 2005

       The peas would fall off and roll around on the floor, better off inside.
skinflaps, Oct 19 2005

       Whipped cream and strawberry jam (jelly if you are in the USA...) PILED on top. Try it. You wont be disappointed !
JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Oct 20 2005

       Jelly? I rarely see jelly here in the US. Usually jam or preserves except for the oddball ones like mint jelly.   

       I think the title should be altered to "concave croissant."
bristolz, Oct 20 2005

       A “concaved” croissant is one that was struck by a ball-pean hammer.
Shz, Oct 20 2005

       I use the following croissant-eating technique:   

       Cut the end off one point of your croissant, revealing the bready insides.   

       Take a small amount of butter an smear onto the bready surface, apply jam and eat, revealing another bready surface.   

       Repeat until no more bready surfaces present themselves.
zen_tom, Oct 21 2005

       I use the fairly common [zen_tom] technique. On the odd occasion I have had, say, a ham and cheese croissant, it is invariably sliced through the middle with the extras shoved inside, sandwich stylee. I will eat my beautifully convex croissant myself and leave you a fish for your dinner.
wagster, Oct 21 2005


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