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control bluetooth

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The new bluetooth devices will transmit a list of who's connected to them and allow (permitted) devices to disconnect them from the current device (which is different from the one initiating the disconnecting.

Now I can connect my laptop to the earphones, and I don't have to go to the phone, check BT devices (because my phone must have BT on all time for insulin pump), and remember what I need to do to disconnect it without losing the pairing. (at least three button pushes).

Instead, when I connect to the earphones on my laptop it will ask me: Connecting to the LAPTOP will disconnect your earphones from your phone. Do you wish to continue? (y/n)

pashute, Aug 16 2022

Bluetooth multipoint explained https://www.soundgu...nt-explained-28601/
[a1, Aug 16 2022]


       Would a headset supporting bluetooth multipoint solve at least part of the problem you describe? I don't need to disconnect my earbuds from my phone to use them with my computer, nor do they affect other BT device connections.
a1, Aug 16 2022

       I detest bluetooth. Give me plugs and cables every time.
xenzag, Aug 16 2022

       Bluetooth would be nice if it worked uniformly. I have an expensive Bluetooth mouse that will not connect to my laptop (same brand) unless I use a cable.
UnaBubba, Aug 17 2022

       ROTFL UnaBubba!   

       A1 - is there some way to get that link on to the manufacturer's engineering intranet?
pashute, Aug 19 2022

       [pashute] I expect most manufacturers of bluetooth audio devices are already aware of this feature, whether or not they choose to implement.   

       It wasn't entirely clear to me from your writeup - are you ONLY interested in making sure your headset doesn't bungle the operation of your insulin pump? Or is there another issue?
a1, Aug 19 2022


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