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Thin out the weaker drivers...
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I thought this up while stuck behind a pack of mini-vans which were clogging all lanes and driving below the speed limit. I hate mini-vans.

Basically, the Carpoon is a barbed spear launched from an authoritative vehicle at bad drivers' cars. The tip of the spear is designed to penetrate metal, but not to penetrate too far and cause excessive injuries. Of course, the tip is not able to be removed from the car without special tools.

Several fun modifications can be added; such as a parachute that opens once the Carpoon is lodged into the bumper or fender, or a steel cable with a comical ACME safe attached to the other end. Both of these devices would slow and/or annoy the driver of the offending vehicle until they were forced to leave the herd.

More fun can be had by making "trick shots" with the Carpoon: such as shooting the left-most vehicle in the heard of minivans in the right side front fender with the parachute equipped Carpoon. The resulting drag from the parachute would pull the offending vehicle to the right and [hopefully] force the entire herd of grocery-getters to the right side, leaving the left lanes clear for those of us who know how to !@#$%^& drive.

Aluicious, Apr 19 2007

Truck Harpoon Truck_20Harpoon
[senatorjam] beat you to it. [bungston, Apr 20 2007]

http://www.carpoon.com/ Hm! [jutta, Jun 29 2008]

Alec Wilkinson, Annals of Technology, "Non-Lethal Force," The New Yorker, June 2, 2008, p. 26 (Abstract) http://www.newyorke...02fa_fact_wilkinson
"Recently, the writer went with him to see David McGill, a retired member of the L.A.P.D., who is developing the Carpoon, a device to stop cars that are fleeing the police." [jutta, Jun 29 2008]


       Sorry, [Alu], but [senatorjam] beat you to this one with the linked idea. I like your trick shots concept, though. Why not post that as an annotation to the Truck Harpoon idea?   

       You would need to call your trick shot, of course, or otherwise it is just slop.
bungston, Apr 20 2007

       This Should toatlly be a legal sport
bogeld_mind21, Apr 20 2007

       What does "!@#$%^& drive" mean?
BJS, Apr 20 2007

       I believe it propels a vehicle by emitting !@#$%^&.
bungston, Apr 20 2007

       "Tonight on COPS:"   

       (Police): Pull over!   

       (Suspect): No!   

       (Police): Fire the whale guns!   

       (Suspect): AAH!
croissantz, Apr 21 2007

       This would be funny to see in demolition derby.
quantum_flux, Nov 28 2007

       //driving below the speed limit// Psst! [Aluicious]! That limit's supposed to be an *upper* limit, not a *lower* limit. Sorry to distract you from your !@#$%^& driving.
pertinax, Nov 28 2007

       See the article in the June 2, 2008 issue of The New Yorker magazine, for the device by this name in the article on non-lethal weapons.
normzone, Jun 29 2008


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