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cooking sunglasses

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Sunglasses made for people who have always wished to Flambe something but fear getting their eyebrows singed, and realize that safety goggles would ruin the chances of looking cool.

The sunglasses would be classic wayfarers shape but machine washable, and with a slightly higher ridge to guarantee full eyebrow coverage. Because the glasses would be sold in the culinary sections of department stores, we would be able to charge $60.00

bob, Apr 08 2011

Uvex Bionic Face Shield http://www.uvex.us/...duct=742&folder=106
Not only will it protect eyebrows, but moustaches and beards as well! [Canuck, Apr 08 2011]


       Fray Bans?
The_Saint, Apr 08 2011

       I might be biased from all my years as a hockey goalie, but I think the Uvex Bionic faceshield looks pretty cool, plus it sells for about $20 so we'd still have room for a good profit margin. By making use of some of the more talented folks on the HB we could offer custom graphics tailored to the cook. [link]   

       As you can see in the link, the visor can be made even cooler with the tinted lenses.
Canuck, Apr 08 2011

       Is this really your first idea in ten years [bob]?
mitxela, Apr 11 2011

       Mixetla: no I can reassure you this idea as not brewing withing me for ten years! This is the earliest of 3-4 accounts I've had, and the only one I have not deleted.
bob, Apr 11 2011

       //Fray Bans?// Flambee Bans.
FlyingToaster, Apr 11 2011

       They must look like ordinary sunglasses, otherwise it would look like you were trying to hard, which sort of ruins the point of flambe-ing something.
bob, Apr 13 2011


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