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cordless screwdriver shaped wiimote

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Quite simply, to switch to gun mode, you move the head of this 'wiimote' down so its at an L shape.

To switch back to normal mode, just straighten it out.

Maybe you can even motorize the hinge, so at a button (or a trigger pull, you can switch immediately to gun mode)

mofosyne, Sep 08 2011

example of a cordless screwdriver http://www.sz-whole...iver-SZSP206612.jpg
[mofosyne, Sep 08 2011]

Wii DIY Wii_20DIY
[hippo, Sep 09 2011]

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       I'm disappointed - I thought this would be "Wii DIY" - a game in which you have to do virtual DIY, gaining points for speed and quality ("Also available! - Wii IKEA - assemble virtual flatpack furniture!").
hippo, Sep 08 2011

       I agree with [hippo]. The progression through the levels could be entertaining, starting with a simple side table, and ending with ferocious L-shaped office suites. As each one is completed, the boxes for the next item are delivered by IKEA men on screen.
pocmloc, Sep 08 2011

       I agree with [pocmloc]. For some of the higher levels, laying girders for a skyscraper, or erecting a deep water oil rig. Go on [hippo], post it.
mouseposture, Sep 08 2011

       yup definitely like hippos idea. I'll give him a week to make a half bakery post for this. Hippos idea needs to be made :)
mofosyne, Sep 08 2011

       Oh alright then - see link. You can copy your "Wii DIY"-specific annotations over.
hippo, Sep 09 2011


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