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Cell Phone Use Control

Blocks cell phone calls while the car is moving
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Create a low-intensity cell phone jamming field within the frame of the car that is activated when the engine is running and the car is in any gear other than "Park" or "Neutral". The field could be modulated to let the ring through, but prevent talk. The driver could then pull over and catch or return the call.
limleader, Jun 21 2003


       with a handsfree kit, it's perfectly safe and legal to use you mobile/cellphone. Why should you jam it?
jonthegeologist, Jun 21 2003

       Because, while a handsfree set may be legal, it is not "perfectly safe". Studies have shown that it is the talking on a cell phone while driving that is dangerous, not the type of cell phone.
limleader, Jun 21 2003

       There's nothing illegal about using a cell phone in a moving car if you're the passenger, so fishbone, sorry.   

       And, btw, statistics also show that distractions from adjusting the radio and other dashboard controls causes more accidents than cell phone usage.
DrCurry, Jun 21 2003

       Yeah! Don't block my cell! You'd take away from me the only joy I get from driving (driving WHILE talking on the phone).
Pericles, Jun 21 2003

       Is that why you crash it once a month?
thumbwax, Jun 23 2003

       This is good. Too many people use their cellphones when they are driving, and then they don't pay attention to the road, just the damn phone. Yes says I!
Bakeman129, Aug 22 2003

       I'm think the cell phone companies could stop the problem very quickly by not allowing seamless use between one transmission tower and the next.In other words, if you were driving and you went out of range of the first tower you made contact with, the call would end.You would need to try again. That would be annoying so maybe people would stop so they wouln't loose their signal?
Shanly, Jan 03 2004

       [Shanly] - what if you're on a bus or a train?
What if you're sitting where I work, where phones can toggle between three towers in as many minutes?
Sp: lose.
benjamin, Jan 05 2004


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